Remembering 9/11


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I was 18 when Sept 11th happened. I spent my entire childhood assuming I would be inheriting one sort of world and as it was in my grasp it was suddenly removed. I was in Ontario at the time and we still had OAC (Grade 13) so I was in high school still at the time though I was only there to pick up the two credits I needed and had already technically graduated. I didn't hear about the events until it was all over. They didn't announce it on the PA until the second period and I was in the cafeteria because I was on a "spare" and was reading "Pride and Prejudice" for the first time so I didn't hear as the PA didn't reach there. A classmate I'd known since kindergarten walked in and told me what had happened. At lunch, they played the replay footage of the events on a screen in the cafeteria. I remember I was shaking so hard at the images before me. Our class had just been to New York the previous spring on a class trip so it was so strange to hear about it and it did feel "real" to me because we had been there. Though we hadn't gone up the tower, we did have to pass through the square to get to the ferry for the Statue of Liberty. International class trips were canceled for the next year or two so my brother didn't get to go but my younger sister got to a few years later and they went to the Ground Zero Memorial. Actually, the weekend prior to Sept 11th my brother and his friends were planning to go to New York City. He had gotten permission to miss a day or two of school and the plan was to come home in the afternoon of the 11th. But the day before they were to leave, his friend's car randomly broke down and had to go into the shop and they missed their trip. I don't think they would have been hurt as the towers hadn't opened to visitors yet but it would have been scary and hard being trapped in a foreign country with the limited experience and resources of a teenager. The border was closed for about a week if I remember correctly. There wasn't the easy internet communication we have now and the cell service was so spotty for some time afterward. I do remember reading stories of the many Canadians trapped there. I know my mom would have been at her wit's end.

This was actually the first year I told my own children about it. We had taken them to one of the Canadian memorial walks this summer but they didn't really understand because it was just a flag and some dedicated plaques which by itself is hard to convey meaning to young kids. So for homeschool last Friday, I found a little write-up with questions to answer, and then I showed them a short anniversary clip. It didn't show any of the nasty stuff like people jumping or too much of the panic. The look on my son's face was one of sick disbelief all the same. He is autistic and has a very strong sense of justice. He couldn't comprehend that someone would actually do that to someone else.


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Sometimes when I’m having a difficult time letting go of worry or anxiety I tell myself to just be glad I’m not 110 stories in the air faced with the choice of jumping or burning to death. I feel so very sorry for them.

My cousin was at work. One of her coworkers was sobbing because a loved one was in the towers. I don’t know if she made it out.