Remembering 9/11

Mama Bug

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I fear dying. It's not the destination, it's the journey. I watched as my dad was dying. I couldn't handle it and left. He may not have been suffering at that point, I don't know. But he was struggling to breathe. That has stayed with me. I wasn't there when he died. He probably didn't want me there to see him like that anyway. He was sedated so he wasn't able to tell us anything, his wishes, etc.


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Twenty years! Where did time go? It was one of the seminal moments in modern history and the tragedy of it still haunts us to this day. Praying that the survivors and their loved ones have found peace in Christ.
Kenny Rogers sang about Twenty Years Ago and the things we have to look back at in 2001 to now are horrendous compared to many 20 year periods of the past; and not good fodder for a sentimental and tender song. I agree, "where did time go?"

Ghoti Ichthus

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I was retired from the Army and at civilian job. It was my first day back from vacation. My last work day before vacation, I had worked late to finish up a large project and left it for the person that needed it. As I walked across the parking lot, I knew that I had just finished what it was that God had put me there to do, was thinking any additional time was just gravy, was at peace, and it was in God's hands.

We were in morning chapel service when the planes hit and didn't know until after. There was a prayer along with the announcement on the building PA, a prayer service in the chapel later, and chapel was open for people to pray all day. There wasn't any time the chapel was empty all day. Pastoral help available all day and throughout the whole thing after for anyone that needed it.

Next morning's chapel service longer than usual . . .

I knew 70 people that died that day. Some in New York and some at the Pentagon.


:pray :pray :amen :amen

PS: I considered going back on Active Duty, but God had other plans.


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I still remember the deafening silence as I was walking my dog on that day. We live in a small town, but are not that far from the airport. I never realized how much air traffic we actually, normally would have until that moment. The silence was broken when I heard the sound of an airplane and helicopters flying over. I knew at that moment, it was our president being flown in to safety. The memories of that day are haunting....


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I had just left a Bible study with 2 or 3 other men at a Denny's in NKC and one of those men drove up beside me at a light and said a plane had struck a WTC building. When I got to my office my wife called to talk about it and then the other plane struck while we were talking. I ran down to a conference room TV and we had snowy reception but could see this playing out. The Pentagon and Flight 93 fates came over the TV news reports too. When the first WTC tower fell I knew this would be a generational event that would have implications on many magnitudes. It's hard to believe the path the world has walked since 9/11/01.

Tall Timbers

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On my morning run today I ran around the town of Cottage Grove. A gal on a bicycle was riding around yelling about remembering 9/11 and yelled stuff about both domestic and foreign terrorists. I'd never seen anything like that before.

There are a lot of patriots in Oregon and they're not afraid.

Mama Bug

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I was working that day. I heard that the first plane had hit and thought it was an accident. Second plane hit and I knew it wasn’t. Then the Pentagon was hit. Then the fourth plane crashed in the field. I remember being shocked at first, then mad. Everybody in the office was talking about it, some saying they would’ve fought back. Truth is no one knows what they would do in a given situation.

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I was getting dressed for work and had the news on. I saw the second plane approaching and thought they were being looky loos. Then when it turned, I yelled What are you doing? Then watched it enter the second building. I quickly got ready to leave. There was a tv at work and those of us who were there watched tv most of the day.

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I had a preschooler, a toddler and a 3 week old infant at home. My husband was supposed to be on that plane to Atlanta, but I was still recovering from an infection due to my c-section so he cancelled his trip last minute. My neighbor called us at 7am which is VERY unusual so I knew something was up before I picked up the phone. I answered and her first words were, "Did Dan make his flight? Where is he? There are planes crashing all over the place". We turned on the TV and my husband didn't come out of our room for a week. I didn't want my babies to watch it unfold, so I stayed downstairs with them as much as I could with the TV turned to Arthur, Dora and PBandJ Otters. It was an eerily similar day during the Columbine shooting which is just 20 minutes from our home. I had a 2 week old infant at the time. My friends made the comparison and told me I wasn't allowed to have any more kids cuz bad things happen when I do.