Relax: Mayorkas Says His New Thought Police Won’t Monitor U.S. Citizens


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People make excuses to cover up what some know their actions or other peoples actions are wrong. This is how people are not saved because they will not admit what :fish did for them and humble themselves.
That is a characteristic of the 2 Timothy 3 ppl, I call narcissists. They have zero empathy or apology for how they hurt someone, or use them to get closer to the narc's goal. Narc's can obey a stop sign. They DO know God's laws, too. They CHOOSE not to obey God's ways. No humble repentance.


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I always take it for granted that when a Democrat's lips are moving, they're lying. I don't believe a thing any Democrat says unless there is absolute, undeniable proof that they are telling the truth ~ which has never happened in my 60+ years of life.