"Rejoice in the Lord"

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I have watched this TV broadcast for years on and Off. This is from the Pensacola Chistian church of Pensacola College. I have never heard anything in their sermons other that the message of grace. I watched last Sunday night and the pastor gave a great sermon on the finished work of Christ. I have looked online and, as expected, there are some positive and negative things about them. Does anyone have anymore info on this church? I have not heard anything Lordship Salvation or Calvinistic coming from them.


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I live in Pensacola. I haven't heard anything bad about their teachings. I think they are from the conservative and fundamental side of Christianity. But I have not listened to any sermons or anything from them.

The girls there are required to wear dresses. No pants.

I think I have seen a sermon on the rapture, but did not listen to it. But that was a long time ago. :scratch