Reinhard Bonnke????


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Does anyone know anything about this man? My sister thinks he is an okay preacher, but the moment I heard the name a red flag went up and I don't remember why/:scratch:


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Reinhard Bonnke: A New Apostolic Reformation Apostle?

By churchwatcher / January 27, 2017 / New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)
Those in evangelicalism who exercise discernment, may have difficulty understanding the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke.

He is represented as an evangelist whose sole purpose is to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified while at the same time those exercising that same discernment,

will question why he is speaking at Hillsong, C3 or on TBN?

It’s important to note – all three organisations have one thing in common:

They are all part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

And this is why we ask the question. Is Reinhard Bonnke really a brother in Christ?

He speaks at these organisations because not only is he part of the NAR, he is one of their Apostles.

Although many consider him to be an evangelist,

Bonnke believes in, and endorses,

the NAR Five-Fold Ministry heresy. That heresy being – there are modern day apostles.

Even though he is recognised as an evangelist, what distances him from being an orthodox Christian evangelist and puts him in the NAR evangelist camp is his NAR “Power Evangelism” crusades.

In other words he is a disciple under the NARpostle John Wimber

and NARpostle Peter Wagner who created the heretical “Power Evangelism” school of thought.

Refuting the Wimber-way: “Power Evangelism”

His ministry should be questioned. If you’ve ever been to a C3 Presence Conference or a Hillsong Conference, the audience are shown a massive crowd of Africans flooding onto a vast open landscape to see evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preach. What you are NOT told is that these vulnerable people are lured to these events, having been promised healing and financial breakthroughs. You will only see testimonies from people who further the cause of Reinhard Bonnke (and not Jesus).

So naturally, his status as Evangelist leans into that of an Apostle. This is exactly how NAR Evangelists progressed to NAR Apostles.

This is what happened with Carlos Annacondia,

Steve Hill (of the Argentine Revivals) and Dr. Michael Brown (of Pensacola).

So let’s see who considers Bonnke an Apostle:

Firstly, Reinhard Bonnke is considered a modern day “apostle” by people who were ‘saved’ in his ‘ministry’:

“It is grounded in a significant story for my parents and me: namely, that I was born shortly after my parents had become ‘born again’

– that is, embraced Christ’s gift of redemption as their own – amazingly enough, in a tent revival hosted by a German apostle, Reinhard Bonnke.

They gave me that name as both a celebration of their life-altering decision and a prayer over my life that I should myself embrace this redemption and maybe even help bring it to others.”

Source: By SMW, What’s In A Name?, Mixed Up Blog,, Published 01/11/2013. (Accessed 26/01/2017.)

Secondly, religious educational institutions consider Reinhard Bonnke as “a modern day Apostle.”

Ministry International Inc. who promote NAR doctrines, Apostles and leaders has this to say about Reinhard Bonnke:

“Title – World Evangelism

The heart of evangelism, the power of evangelism, the fire of evangelism, and the how to of evangelism are taught by a modern day Apostle, Reinhard Bonnke (with George Canty).”

Source: CORRESPONDENCE COURSE REQUIREMENTS, Ministry International Institute, , Accessed 27/01/2017.

Reinhard Bonnke has this to say about Apostles,

When Apostles are sought, there is no shortage of applicants. It is a noble title. But how many would want to be an apostle knowing what they really had to do? “Apostle” was not a title of honor to make them famous. It described what they should do (go), and what they should be (prime targets for persecution, not for prestige).

We read, “God has displayed us, the apostles, last, as men condemned to death” (1 Cor. 4:9). The apostles were not divinely appointed church bosses. They left church management to others. In Acts 15, the man who did that kind of thing, James, was not an apostle. James the Apostle had already been martyred (Acts 12).

We read nothing about apostles giving out orders.

Their special honor was that “they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name,” and they rejoiced (Acts 5:41). Suffering as pioneers of Christ was the only high status that they enjoyed. Let’s follow the Lamb wherever He goes (Rev. 14,4). REINHARD BONNKE

Source: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Official Page, FaceBook, https://****************/evangelistreinhardbonnke/posts/10157478391890258:0, Published 01/11/2016. (Accessed 25/01/2017.)

Not only does Bonnke believe in the NAR heresy of modern day Apostles, he suggests he is a modern day apostle in the above quote.

And this explains why he not afraid to be associated

with NARpostles in heretical organisations such as Hillsong, C3, TBN and NAR Asian Conferences – because he is an apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation networks

. If you are not convinced he is part of the NAR and one of their Apostles, the Elijah List promoted the false prophet Tamara Lowe and her Kingdom Bootcamp with the following NARpostles speaking:
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He is also buddies with mega-heretic Rick Joyner. This is not to say that some cannot be genuinely saved at his big rallies. They just need to move on fast!
DISCERNING THE WORLD,a South African website,has some good articles on him and his many false claims egs resurrections.
P. S. People entangled in heresy will never get their much-desired 'breakthrough' while bound up by false spirits and doctrines of devils. Plus we are not promised a break from tribulation until we leave here or Christ returns and incarcerates the devil. Being free of deception does,however, allow the peace of God to undergird us as we endure. Plus a huge percentage of people in the apostate church are not saved but are following another gospel, spirit and Christ and are worse off than they were before they became ensnared in this demonic junk.
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Jesus taught us to pray 'thy kingdom come' and believers are to endure patiently as we spread the gospel while waiting for the return of Our King. Dominionists- which include Roman Catholics, the NAR and others- believe we are to set up the kingdom of Heaven on earth for Christ. They both use supposed God-given apostolic authority. The NAR combines this with lying signs and wonders. The Azusa false revival spawned this Latter Rain mentality- their publication in the first decade of the last century was called by this name- and it is interesting that the Charismatic movement has grown more Catholic-friendly as the heresies have progressed like gangrene in the outwardly perceived Body of Christ. I see them joining up with the New Age movement to form the One World Church. Ex New Agers have stated that the manifestations in the charismatic scene are identical with their own, just with scripture and the name of Jesus added. Some NAR websites already are using the term 'Christ consciousness'. I believe at present that Heaven is brought down to Earth when the true gospel is preached and souls are born again of the Holy Spirit, becoming new citizens of Heaven and ambassadors-in-training.


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Credibility Exit: Reinhard Bonnke Pals Around with False Prophet Benny Hinn Abandoning Any Ounce of Credibility He Had Left

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has decided to abandon any remaining credibility he had left. He posted a picture on Facebook of him palling around with false prophet and prosperity pimp Benny Hinn.

He so proud of the association he even made it his cover photo.

Yes I can substantiate my claim that Benny Hinn is a false prophet and prosperity pimp.

Why should someone’s ministry be followed who goes out of his way to clearly support someone like Hinn?

It shows a lot about where Bonnke stands on doctrine and issues. He’s part of the same toxic swamp as the likes of Benny Hinn.

Please find a better person to get instruction and edification if you’re a follower of Bonnke.

He’s going to lead your soul to hell’s toxic cesspool. Come to truly clear waters and find true rest for your weary soul.


Mike Evans

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Bonnke has also been seen alongside heresiarch and false prophet extroardinaire Rick Joyner, who travels to what he thinks is heaven and hears 'St. Paul' tell him that he and the original twelve envy the modern day NAR apostles.
Yeah, right.......
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