Refuting Calvinism


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You're so right, Cheeky! When we first moved to our present location many years ago, we had thought we'd attend the local Baptist church in the small community only 2 miles from our home. With high hopes, we began visiting there soon after moving in. It was nice to meet some of the local people who lived in our new community, and I especially enjoyed the fact that we would no longer have to commute to church as we had been doing in the past. High hopes!!
When the young pastor (seminary student) came calling, my dh specifically asked him if he was a Calvinist. The young pastor stated that he was still not sure about it and was thinking things through. Quite by accident, I later discovered an online forum where this young man was a moderator, and the forum was dedicated Calvinist! He discovered who I was when I registered for the forum, and he quickly resigned his position as moderator. One Sunday, during the Bible class hour, he was teaching a lot of Scripture as allegory, particularly Revelation. When my dh dared to challenge him in this small class of four, the young pastor became belligerent toward my dh. The worship service met in the sanctuary 'after' this unsettling class, and during his sermon, the pastor was clearly angry with my dh. His face was red, and he kept looking straight at dh and speaking negatively about people in general, but we knew he meant the remarks for us. Needless to say, we weren't going to go back there again. No more five min drive to church.
We found another church to attend that was 20 min away. In the Bible class, we began to hear about Augustine, Luther, etc. When the pastor of that church learned through the grapevine that we were pre-trib dispensational Christians, he, too, got very heated in the pulpit and made fun of pre-trib dispensation believers. Decided we weren't going to attend there anymore. A few years later, we found a grace-oriented church and we have to commute almost an hour each way.
Doesn't sound like God called him to be a pastor when he doesn't know (seems like he lied) about what he believes in regards to salvation.
Kinda of foundational.
Notice how those who don't believe in dispensation/ pre-trib. tend to be snarky and aggressive.
Hmmm... gee I wonder why that is...
Also, no one should EVER use the pulpit to attack another especially those of the faith.
I've been hearing alot of similar stories.
Hopefully you are being fed at your new place of assembly with biblically grounded /solid doctrinal teachings .


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I had pastor get up in the pulpit say that God must of seen something special in us to have chosen us. It just struck me as being an arrogant statement.