Recommendations for Christian vs. atheism debates


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I'm working on a fall Bible Study for my church group. Our theme this fall is Christian Doctrine and I've got a working outline for 13 weeks. However, it quickly becomes apparent that 13 weeks is not nearly enough time to cover the basic Christian doctrines and their development, background, support, etc. so we're considering expanding the class for the spring as well, so about 26 weeks. Even that is not sufficient if we want to include heresies and modern belief systems. For part of that time, we wanted to include some recorded debates showing the arguments of atheists and even other belief systems so we know where non-believers are coming from. But, on Youtube, there are a ton of them so what I'm asking for are recommendations of the best debates, that is, those that show the clear and honest questions and positions that non-Christians hold. I do ask, though, that if you have a recommendation, please, please recommend something that you have actually watched, not just names that you've heard of. Not meaning to be difficult but there is a lot of information there and I simply do not have the time to watch all of them, but I trust and value your opinions. So, are there any debates between Christians and non-Christians that have been particularly meaningful or impactful for you? Our intent is to include debates that match or tie into whatever lesson we have that week with the ultimate goal of being prepared to share our faith in a direct and meaningful way refuting the objections we know we'll face. Thanks. RJS


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@RonJohnSilver Look up "Death of the Death of God" (part 1) on YouTube.
It's a classic duel between J.J. Altizer (leading atheist of his time)
and John Warwick Montgomery (leading apologist of his time).