Recommendation for a Bible Commentary?

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Case in point. Our pastors takes no firm stance on end times interpretation, but indirectly teach amillennialism in my opinion. Yesterday, one of them was preaching on Malachi 3 and the two advents, the second advent of course being the second coming. There was no distinction in the sermon that these words regarding that second advent didn't apply to us as we won't be here. References as "He will purify the Levites", "the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem", and "That is why I have not destroyed you members of Jacob’s family" all indicate these passages apply to Jews and nonbelievers. I'd like to have a reliable commentary or two to check and see if I'm interpreting correctly and for the commentary to expound on the passage.

It also makes me wonder how an amillennial perspective might skew teachings on other passages of scripture even when they aren't directly prophetic in nature.