Reaching grandchild being raised without God questions

Hello, My 6 almost 7 year old grandson is being raised by a divorced atheist father and mother(my daughter). I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on a book that would have creation evidence to read to a child (as he loves nature) and other ways to bring God to him on a level he would understand being he's being told opposite from parents and other things like public school influences. My daughter has told me not to talk to her about spiritual things so I hesitate to push too much with my grandson so I feel torn in the conundrum of that situation and wanting him to know about God. Thank you for any suggestions


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Look at Creation Ministries International.
Go into their site, and on the left side there is a sidebar called resources. Click on the Books or on Children's or on Family resources.

Check into DVDs as well. My granddaughters all beg me for TV, which I rarely grant them, but it's something kids love, and if it's a good creation science one, he might love it.