Re-introducing myself

Good evening from Virginia!

I used to post on RR before as Charity4Ever, and later, Praise Warrior for a very long time. I think I was in my teen years when I started and a fairly new believer? But I stopped posting and later visiting for a while because I felt like all the end-times news events were causing anxiety and I had to take a break. However, now He is giving me ministry experiences where I have to watch for Jesus' return and write about what I see for others, and I need to get back into this again, hopefully this time without the anxiety.

Although I feel like I probably spent way too much time back then online reading and posting, I'm realizing what I learned and wrote about before is coming in *very* handy now as God has taken that and turned it into an opportunity for me to do ministry, both at work and in my church. So I am so very thankful for all the knowledge of Scripture and eschatology I have gained from my time here and on RR from everyone else. Others have recognized that and have been helped and glorified God because of it (after they stopped being surprised I didn't actually study eschatology at Bible college), and it has helped them grow closer to God and His Truth too. That is so rewarding. Also, I want to study Scripture more in-depth formally, yet people have actually told me that I don't need it, but that is largely in part because what these forums have done for me over the years. :)

That said, I'm glad to be back, and I hope I can continue to learn and grow in this season from everyone here. It will have an impact on lives in my direct community.


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welcome. Like what you said in your post that you used to do a lot of posting on the forums, Etc. It was good that you're able to share your thoughts at that time because now you're coming back to help you. God has this going on a path that sometimes we're not sure where it's going but we trust him. The Holy Spirit helps us with our thoughts and I'm so happy to hear that you've joined us. Continue to write your comments because we all need positive feedback. Again welcome


Like the Original Poster to this thread, I was on here, from time to time, after the shut down of Rapture Ready forums.

I have been drowning in various projects (running analysis of various political and science things, and then becoming church secretary) for the past couple of years, but I hope to have more time to devote to this forum, now.


Good to see you on the forum TRex2 !

From your signature line:
"John 10:27-29 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

I frequent a couple other forums, but find that I need people who understand those last three words.

I also find that, while most of the people I meet need my insights into the Bible,
from time to time, I need the insights of people like the ones on this forum.
Those who understand it better than I do.


I remember you!!! I don’t think I started but 1 thread, but I did comment and read all the time there! I was mommytoa3rdgradeboy. (I’d never had a ‘username’ before!) That 3rd grade boy is almost 24 years old now!! Welcome!!
The math on that works out to you remembering me from around 2010.
That must have been when I first began posting there.
I posted, mostly, in political forums, in those years.
This world has been an "interesting" ride, since then.