Rapture question


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Children aren't generally the ones doing the buying and selling. But, for the parents, they will be told that food & much-needed medication for their children can only be obtained by parents who have the mark.
Side Note: In our very rural area, there are huge towers with small satellite-looking attachments near the tops being installed all over the place. Cell phone signal towers? Anti-christ surveillance towers? Or eventually both?
Those are the new 5G towers that are going up everywhere.


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While I know the RCC is an antichrist system, the Lord showed many years ago, He will have a people everywhere.
I was working as a security guard at a school on the weekends to supplement my meager wages in the early 70's, and a Presbyterian group rented the auditorium for Sunday services. I was newly saved and was curious about other's religions. At the time I thought only Pentecostals were Really saved(LOL). I slipped in the back and watched the service proceed, and suddenly, the Lord said look there! My head spun to the left almost by itself and there in the middle of the congregation was a women, staring at the ceiling with tears of joy flowing down her face, a look of rapture and an unmistakable joy.
As I took in this seen in wonder He spoke these words as if standing next to me "I have a people everywhere". We may have relations in false church buildings and systems,seemingly beyond hope, but Our God holds the reigns of man's heart, and only He knows who is in His book.