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I posted this on all my social media accounts. Not much response but I believe it’s important to leave for those left behind. If anyone has anything to add to spice it up please share!

Imagine a day when millions of people go missing. In the blink of an eye just disappeared. Imagine the military system failing in the US, government in complete chaos, and Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea and China etc all seek to finally be able to destroy America. Imagine them bombing every American city (and each other) because they can. Imagine electric grids, cell towers, food and water gone with total chaos as rioters and looters seek to destroy everything and everyone in their path. Imagine Antifa and the KKK and inside sleeper cells running free. No police, no military, no fire, no rescue. Death and destruction all over. Imagine the news saying it was aliens, or an evil force such as Satan who has captured all those evil “Christian bigots” and cleansed the earth of them. America will be hit hardest. Bible believers fill this land. You will not know what to believe. But you will remember these things I have said. The rapture of the church. Jesus coming for his people. You will know this because I have told you.

After this as things begin to calm, a man will arise. The Antichrist. He will have all the answers to peace and the one world government/new world order. He will make a way that no one be able to buy or sell without a mark in the right hand or forehead. And the law will state you must bow to him in service. He will be your God. After 3 1/2 years he will proclaim himself God. Don’t do it. Don’t take the mark. You will seal your fate with Lucifer and spend eternity in Hell. You can still come to Jesus and be saved. The guillotines will come for you but do not give in. Jesus will return to earth with his people 7 years after the rapture. The prophecies will be fulfilled and you will make it to heaven on earth. Mark these words in your heart. It is coming. You now know the truth. And this truth will set you free.
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