Rapture Forums now on PHP 8.1


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PHP 8.1.5 is out as well released 14Apr22 - Announcement is here - https://www.php.net/releases/8_1_5.php
has several minor bug fixes

Just to let you know

I do see the following warnings in Developer Tools on Firefox - but it's only a warning (below) and most likely can be ignored - everything from what I can tell is fine and working - but I must confess my knowledge here is somewhat limited

None of the “sha512” hashes in the integrity attribute match the content of the subresource. rapture-forums-now-on-php-8-1.190365


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I'm seeing in the forums backend that we are on 8.1.5 now. I initially saw 8.1.4 when they upgraded for me.

I'm not seeing any issues that are obvious on the forums. Maybe things will even out soon. :idunno