Rapture Deniers at My Church

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I agree with your concerns/leadership. In our church, we have a "life out of order" understanding where leadership is concerned on any number of Scriptural issues where home life issues make one's witness impeded to the flock at large. It is a blessing to see people step down, settle the issue, and step back in, more healthy, more whole.

You probably know this already, but Exodus International ministered to those seeking to leave the homosexual community for decades. As far as I knew, it was a Biblical support definitely swimming upstream on this issue. When I went online to find the link to share in case the pastor wasn't aware of the ministry, Google/DDG would only pull up derogatory references to EI. So I then tried the Brave browser, and more or less the same. Apparently, this ministry (and I don't have time to dig for the particulars) is closing or has closed after 40 years. In a quick glean, some of the leadership has "apologized" to the homosexual community for efforts to help them come out (hence Exodus) of that lifestyle. I'm linking one article I found, which is heartbreaking to see "religious leaders" saying what they are...but to me, it is ONE MORE sign that the ramp is real, and it cannot be forever. I don't even say, "in a few years" anymore. I don't know how I can. I'm not Yahweh...but convergence...


Now a FUNNY aside...checking in with my OasisK progress on FB this morning, there is a "Days of Noah Are Here!" event shared onto my "You Might Be From Auburn High School IF..." page. I don't recognize the person, I don't know how it appeared. Her profile says she is from Taiwan living in NYC! I can't imagine the page admin allowing it...because "sweet Auburn, Loveliest Village of the Plains" is anything but conservative these days...IMHO/circles. HOWEVER, there is a child pictured in the "photos" of the poster's page, standing in a field of LAVENDER, which I am desperately trying to grow en masse in our hot humidity. It is if everything I have been dreaming lately--child, lavender, eschatology, school publicity for OasisK, hometown--was rolled up into this post! I think it's a fluke/hack...but I also think, BUT GOD, warning us/those folks one more time, one more way. :typing:bow

Keep holding the line...living narrowly, loving broadly. It dawned on me this morning that sometimes the only reason our paths have crossed with another's is to present a contrast to both of us and to whomever is watching. There's surrender, and there's rebellion. Our sins as believers should grieve us to repentance and change, as we become aware of them. The problem in our Noah days now is that no one is grieved ABOUT sin. If you rename/excuse every one that exists, there won't be sin anymore. HA. Don't you love that Yahweh foreknew, foretold, and is dealing/will deal?
Exodus International may have had to close its doors, but God is still in the business of restoring people caught up in homosexuality. Becket Cook has a channel where he talks about these issues. I saw a great discussion he had with Chris Yuan and Rosaria Butterfield. Yuan was saved through Exodus. More recently, Cook was talking about de-transitioners.


I'm a bit late with this, but remember that the all-important thing is the gospel of Jesus Christ. As long as a teacher of scripture does not teach a different gospel (the best way to spot that is finding out how they think we get to heaven), or deny the power of the Holy Spirit then the rest of what they teach can probably be placed in the agree to disagree bucket. Prayer helps with that, really it does.

The issue of ANY specific type of sinner - no matter what sins they have committed - being beyond the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus Christ is a much more serious affair. When Jesus died on the cross, He died once to pay for all our sins, that's why I am able to be forgiven 2000 years later for all the sins in my life, even the ones I still have not committed. Therefore, while any person yet draws breath, they are still able to be saved to the uttermost - even if they're only saved for a few seconds before dying.

Finally, a short reminder that God places whomsoever He wills in positions of authority. If a teacher or pastor teaches concepts that we disagree with (provided the Gospel of Jesus is not tainted), then prayer AND patience will resolve the issue in His time. If it is time for any of us to move on (or switch jobs, or live somewhere else, or attend a different church) the Holy Spirit will answer - but in God's good time.

A quick example - one of my first questions to God, when I was 13, was "what about people living on islands that die having never heard the gospel?". I didn't get my answer until I was in my 20's. By that time, I had read the bible cover to cover 3 or 4 times, and not counting preaching and bible studies. It was right there in Romans the whole time, but for whatever reason it remained hidden from me for years despite constant prayers.