Rapture Dashboard


I'm curious how information is gathered and then converted to data for the Rapture Dashboard. Is it just anecdotal news that is assigned a rapture relevancy indices by someone?

I understand that it isn't meant to be used as a scientific predictor. I'm just curious how you get from point a (analog) to point b (digital). What is the process? Or, is it a tightly guarded secret? I won't tell anyone...I promise! :whisper:


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There's no real logical process of determining it. It is merely just an entertainment thing. I do need to update it though. But I have to make a new graphic each time, and I have been lazy lately. :elmogrin


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I’m reviving this nearly 15 year old thread because I love the Rapture Dashboard feature. I get all excited looking at the stats! Even though it’s been at 190 for a while, that’s pretty darn fast :)

I know there isn’t a “logical process” and it’s just for fun as Chris said, but I enjoy it.

Who else here enjoys it?