Raisi enters office with bang as Israel tries rallying world against Iran


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Raisi enters office with bang as Israel tries rallying world against Iran
New president is a JCPOA opponent who may deal a death blow to the deal while advancing nuclear program.
AUGUST 1, 2021

The changing of presidents in Iran shouldn’t make much of a difference for Israel. Whether it’s Hassan Rouhani, who has been president since 2013, or Ebrahim Raisi, who will enter office on Thursday, they’re not really making the decisions that matter to Israel. When it comes to the things that matter to Israel – Iran’s nuclear program, its development of other advanced weaponry, its proxies around the Middle East and more – the person calling the shots is Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “Hardliner” or “reformer,” as many commentators call the different sides of the narrow political field Khamenei permits, no president truly has a say in the Supreme Leader’s calls for genocide against Israel and steps toward the bomb.

However, with the Iranian attack on an Israeli-managed ship near Oman on Friday, killing the vessel’s Romanian captain and a British crew member, Raisi is entering office with a bang – literally – and Israel is using its full diplomatic weight, and more, in response. Plus, Khamenei is using Raisi’s presidency as a reason to delay, and perhaps even withdraw entirely from, negotiations with the US to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal.

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