Ra'am's Mansour Abbas to announce coalition's fate Wednesday morning


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Ra'am's Mansour Abbas to announce coalition's fate Wednesday morning
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's government hangs in balance ahead of Knesset dissolution bill.
Published: MAY 10, 2022

The Ra'am (United Arab List) Shura Council concluded its meeting Tuesday night without making a decision on its status in the coalition, with party leader MK Mansour Abbas saying a decision will only be announced at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government is expected to sustain a significant blow on Wednesday, when a majority of lawmakers will pass a preliminary reading of a Likud-sponsored bill to disperse the Knesset and initiate new elections. The bill would still have to pass three more readings in the plenum and at committee to be enacted into law. But Wednesday’s vote will begin a process that could prove too difficult for Bennett to stop.

The Ra’am (United Arab List) Shura Council met for several hours on Tuesday night and was expected to decide to officially remain in the coalition but keep its membership freeze that it initiated as a protest over the police entering the area near al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

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