Ra'am facing growing criticism: 'Abbas, you are a traitor'


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Ra'am facing growing criticism: 'Abbas, you are a traitor'
Unknown man approaches Mansour Abbas in the Knesset, accuses him of betraying Islam.
Dalit Halevi

MK Mansour Abbas, chairman of the Ra'am party, was the target of a sharp verbal attack in the Knesset on Monday. In a video circulated on Twitter, an unknown person is heard yelling at Abbas that he is not interested in issues related to the city of Jaffa and accuses him of selling Islamic values. "You are selling the Al-Aqsa Mosque, you are selling everything, you ought to be ashamed, you are a traitor," the anonymous man said, while Abbas asked him to leave the premises.

As he walked away, the anonymous man said aloud, "Mansour Abbas, you are a traitor." Arab society has recently sharply criticized Abbas for continuing his membership in the coalition despite the Israeli policy on the Palestinian issue. Accusing a Muslim of betraying Islam is considered particularly serious, since the punishment for a traitor is execution in an Islamic court.