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Thankfully this one doesn't have any personal significance like some of the other questions I've asked. I've been reading The Scarlet Letter recently for a class. For those not familiar with it, it is about a woman who commits adultery with the town minister after her husband has been missing for many months. Problematic views on Grace and what repentance means in the novel aside, it's made me curious about a few topics.

In the novel, the minister is ashamed of what he did and the knowledge doesn't go public that he was involved. He doesn't support the woman or his daughter because he wants to keep hidden, and there is a turning point in the novel when they briefly decide to get married and run away together from the town.

So some questions I've been thinking as I've been reading: is there ever a situation where an adulterer is free to marry someone else after committing adultery? If no, what happens if they get married anyways?

In the novel, the "heroine" is taking care of the child she had with the minister. What obligation does he have to his child?

I've been asking friends the same questions and getting varying responses. I know David committed adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband and they still ended up married in the end, but that didn't turn out very well for their first son... but then Solomon ended up building the temple and was blessed greatly by God...

I know adultery is such a heavy topic, but I'm curious as to what happens after, assuming one doesn't follow the advice everywhere in the Bible to avoid it at all costs

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Very valid question, if you're a believer and have committed adultery the lord would probably punish this in some way in this life but you would still be saved as he has forgiven all sins as long as we confess them.

The example of David and Bathsheba is probably a good example you gave as David was seen as being someone after Gods own heart yet he committed adultery still knowing it was wrong.

I think the punishment out of this was that the child he had with Bathsheba died after the prophet Nathan advised him of that judgement shortly after David committed adultery.

Now i'm not saying everyone who commits adultery either dies straight away or has someone close die , i'm just making the point in general that all sin has a consequence of some sort in this life