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We have a new neighbors who has gone out of their way to me nice and helpful to us. She is a Christian and not only attends twice a week, but she also sings in the Choir and goes an extra day to Church to orannize the music folders. Today I was shocked when she got upset at her dog and used God’s Name in vain. I expected her to apologize but she seemed unfazed. Should I talk to her about it, or pray God will convict her? Thank you,

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I would pray about it, but I would not bring it up to her directly, or she will feel like you’re reprimanding her, damaging any friendship you may have with her. Nobody wants to feel they’ve been scolded. When the opportunity presents itself, I would bring up the topic, generally speaking, but not accusing or scolding her directly.


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Correcting something someone is doing can be considered rude and annoying. Some will take it as "Who are you to correct me, there are some things I could correct you about". I agree with others that you should let it go for now, but if it happens again just tell her in a nice way that you don't like to hear that, rather than she is doing something wrong.
My two cents anyway. :shrug


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I agree with those who say to let it pass for now. On this subject, though, I think that we as a culture take far too many liberties with God's name. God's name reflects the person of God and using God's name wrongly diminishes Him in the eyes of the world. That means stopping not only profanity, but using God's name to emphasize or express outrage, or trivialize or anything that serves to diminish God's name should be avoided. Let me state it even more plainly. As Christians, we are to elevate everything about God, by our actions, our speech, our thoughts. If we are not speaking to God directly or speaking about God in a positive or informative or uplifting manner, then God does not need to be in our conversations. As the old saying goes, If you can't say something positive, then stay silent. And for this current time.....OMG does not, NOT, need to be a part of any Christians speech.

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I can use my family as an example of how I’ve handled it. Without going into a lot of detail, my family are saved believers who felt stumbled some years back by some other believers in the church and it made them feel like separating themselves from the church. Over a period of time I had noticed some ways of the world showing in them and at times would bring it up to them. It only got them angry and defensive. Every now and then I would again bring up what they were doing or saying wasn’t befitting of a Christian. Their response was always negative. I talked to some other believers about how I felt and prayed about it. I came to the conclusion that they are believers and know Jesus. Because nothing I would say was making a difference I changed my way of approach. Instead of pointing out their wrongdoing, I only talked about Jesus coming being close, giving glory to God even in hard times and how he blesses us. I felt the best way to remind them of how Christians represent Jesus is to be an example to them myself. If I couldn’t be an example, then my words wouldn’t make a difference anyway. So I kept focus on living my life as a believer shining Jesus light. I pray for my family daily, including that they draw nearer to God again. Sometimes that’s the best we can do for other believers is to pray for them and be an example to them. If they know Jesus then their hearts will lead them to listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I haven’t given up on my loved ones but I knew my initial approach wasn’t working, praying about it helped. Maybe for others something else may help but for me I’m at peace in the way I’ve decided to handle it.


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My husband growup in a cussing family and this has been the hardest to break and sometimes he doesn't even realize or it jumps out so quickly, But he works on it. This was the language that he heard growing up makes it difficult to break, the only word off limits in his family was the F word (yikes!)