Qatar, Saudi Arabia say West neglects Mideast conflicts, but responds to Ukraine


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Qatar, Saudi Arabia say West neglects Mideast conflicts, but responds to Ukraine
‘It’s quite different’: Gulf states claim the global response to the war in Europe highlights inaction around crises like Yemen and Syria

Saudi Arabia and Qatar expressed regret on Saturday at a lack of attention to Middle East conflicts, as the West pushes them to show more solidarity with Ukraine. “The humanitarian suffering that we have seen in Ukraine, and everyone is talking about it right now… has been the suffering of a lot of countries in this region for years and nothing happened,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani told a roundtable at the annual Doha Forum.

“We have never seen a global response to address those sufferings,” he added, evoking “the brutality against the Syrian people, or against the Palestinians or against the Libyans or against the Iraqis, or against the Afghans.” Neither oil kingpin Saudi Arabia nor gas-rich Qatar, both close to the West but with ties to Russia, have taken a strong position for or against Moscow since it invaded Ukraine last month. Europe and the US hope the two countries will boost oil and gas production to help reduce Western reliance on Russian supplies.


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The west is responsible for the Syrian mess... Europe will be likely impacted more by the outcome in Ukraine. Not really a double standard, just self interest at play.


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Originally we were friendly with the Shaw of Iran. Only the religious leaders were not they saw favoritism. Also England was blamed for milking Iran of its oil money without really sharing with Iran. In part the Shaw was not liked because he was friendly with europe and the US.

Other than that and our relations with China and Russia are not much different. In spite of the fact that the US fed both those countries during WW2. We also supplied them with military equipment to help them. After Russia turned commie they never were friends to us they just took what they could get. China has been the same way.