Putin Humiliates Biden


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Putin Humiliates Biden
By Daniel Greenfield

While Russia held military exercises off Hawaii and pushed the press around, the media desperately tried to pretend that Biden was going in strong to his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

The meeting would have been a disaster even if Biden weren’t missing a significant percentage of his marbles.

Long before the meeting, Biden had already given in to Putin’s two biggest demands, avoiding any interference with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (while crushing the Keystone pipeline and all the jobs and energy independence that come with it in America) and joining Russia’s scam arms accord that President Trump had refused to renew.

The rest was theater and Putin is a lot better at it than Biden.

Biden raised human rights issues that neither he nor Putin cares about. Mentioning them was just an opportunity for Putin to humiliate Biden.

Facing obvious cognitive decline, Biden brought prep cards to the meeting and was reduced to pleading with Putin that cyberattacks on American “critical infrastructure should be off-limits”.

Russia obviously doesn’t feel that way. Neither does China.

Biden’s hollow threats of retaliation are a pathetic joke.

When Russia or China targets critical water and power infrastructure in America, is Biden going to give the order to cut off water and power in a major Chinese or Russian city with all the attendant humanitarian consequences?

The fundamental difference came in one critical comment by Biden that, “All foreign policy is a logical extension of personal relationships.”

Too many American presidents keep saying dumb things like this. And worse yet, they believe it.

Foreign policy is an extension of personal and national interests. Biden, like most Democrats, can’t conceive of any national interests, just ideologies. Russia, China, and the rest of the world have national interests. That’s why our diplomacy is in shambles even when we’re not being represented by a senile party hack.


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Given the apparent deterioration of diben's brain due to some type of dementia, he's simply not fit to lead a nation, let alone the USA. He's going to appear humiliated whether someone is trying to humiliate him or not. It's more like it's the entire USA that is being humiliated on the world stage. With such a President as Commander in Chief it's very likely that the despots of the world will become more and more active with their dirty business.


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I really believe that God may have put Biden in office in order to further diminish the United States on the world stage to prep the globe for the upcoming Tribulation and its Beast System.
Very possible, indeed, Rocky! It seems everything that is happening around the world on a daily basis, is setting things up for something
very big to come. I pray it is soon..........


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I really believe that God may have put Biden in office in order to further diminish the United States on the world stage to prep the globe for the upcoming Tribulation and its Beast System.
In agreement! Since Biden has been in office, he has messed up all the good that Trump accomplished while he was Our President! The :bibletells us evil men and seducers will become worse and worse deceiving and being deceived! The piece of Gods prophecies are coming to pass! Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!


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I think it is an absolute certainty that God put Biden in office by the mechanism of We The People wanting it and getting what we wanted. The Bible is full of examples of God giving people over to their lusts and desires and heart so why wouldn't He give America over to the train wreck of stupidity that is our country? Under the Biden/Harris administration and watchful and approving eyes of Hollyweird, the MSM, academia, and corporate managers we are also absolutely certain to diminish as a country internally and in foreign affairs. Many of us might have formed 5 or more decades of past belief that America diminishes to a non-factor during the 7 year Trib b/c of the rapture but in reality we are doing this daily as the perilous times play out and the Restrainer fully withdraws from our stupidity and rebellion.


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If I have this straight, the Biden global policy is:
-It will take 6-12 months to find out whether Putin will behave. I can only assume that goes for China as well, but having to reference 600,000 American Covid deaths may have been too awkward.
-If Russia does not behave, the whole world will see it and therefore Russia would be embarrassed and clean up their act.
-We will keep allowing illegal aliens into America because "That's who we are".
-In every transaction between America and its allies, we will bear the burden and be taken advantage of.
-In every transaction between America and its adversaries, we will leave ourselves open to total humiliation and eventual defeat.

-Did I miss anything?


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What an embarrassment Biden is! Putin and his confidants must have gotten a good laugh about Biden's use of "prep cards". God help us if we ever have a real national crisis while he's in the White House. (I didn't say while he's president, because I don't consider him a real president.)


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Just for the record, this site is
not on the list of the 16 targets that Biden warned Putin not to hack. (I guess Joe and Jill are not pre-trib.)