Putin and Pence cancelled engagements. Interesting?

Cindy S.

When he comes, will he find faith? Luke 18:8
Probably wise to use that grain of salt but sometimes these way out sounding things do turn out to be true. We may actually be pretty close to the Gog/Magog war so there might be truth in his comments. If we didn't know the ONE who is in control of all things, it would be pretty nerve wracking.
That's for sure. Thank the good Lord for his word of prophecy.


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I think you are right. George was talking about it, he'd heard about it too.

Here is a news article by Business Insider that might help: https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-submarine-losharik-undersea-cables-media-speculation-2019-7

"The Russian navy submarine that Russian media outlets have identified as the one that caught fire during a mission on Monday, killing 14 sailors on board, may have been designed to cut undersea internet cables.

The vessel caught fire near the naval base of Severomorsk on Monday, and the sailors died of smoke inhalation, Russia's defense ministry said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Russian Vladimir Putin called the incident a "great loss," canceled a scheduled event, and called an urgent meeting with his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu. Putin also ordered an inquiry into the accident and asked Shoigu to "personally receive reports" on it, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported.

it goes on to say:
"BBC Monitoring described US officials as saying the AS-12 is designed to cut undersea cables that keep the world's internet running.

US and other Western officials have long warned that Russian ships have been active near major undersea fiber-optic cables that carry calls, emails, texts, and trillions of dollars' worth of daily financial transactions

So now we can presume that Putin was perhaps working on charming the G20 in the time leading up to this disaster as his navy was busy busy busy trying to destabilize the world's information and banking and so forth.

And this would be why everyone was recalled to Washington and Moscow after things went sideways for Russia.

And it sounds like whatever Putin was up to, God stopped him.

Wow just proof that World War Three is literally a button press away. Only the Holy Spirit is restraining it from happening right now. I bet it was also God that changed Trump's mind about firing missiles at Iran.


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Some submarine information from an ex sub sailor:

The article mentioned concern about radiation leakage. Most fires aboard a nuke boat do not involve the reactor at all. From my experience and recall most fires are either electrical or occur in the laundry room (clean out that lint screen). The article does not mention the cause of the fire.

In the US Navy reactors are built with safety features that automatically shut them down. The Reactor Controls Operator can also shut down the reactor manually. This is called a reactor scram. This feature puts the reactor in a safe condition. It prevents the reactor from achieving criticality and potentially overheating. I do not know if the Russians have similar features but common sense says they must have a way of shutting down the reactor.

With the reactor in a safe condition the only other way to breach the reactor core is externally, either by physical damage, loss of cooling or even a fire, although in the enclosed atmosphere of a submarine the fire would auto extinguish due to lack of oxygen before a fire could do much damage.

In a submarine fire the biggest danger is the loss of breathable air. Most submarines in case of fire surface or come to snorkel depth and immediately ventilate. In the mean time all hands on board have already donned OBA's (oxygen breathing apparatus) to breath from onboard bottled air. On a deep dive sub, it takes a lot more time to surface to a point where the boat can ventilate. This is not to say that this is what happened to the Russian boat but it is on the list of possibilities.

The US Navy has in times past used specially equipped submarines to place recording equipment on undersea cables. This information is already in the public domain. The submarine at a later date needs to retrieve the recording device so that the information can be gathered. My understanding is that these US subs can dive no deeper than a standard sub.

I can understand the need for Putin to run back home for a disaster of this type. I'm not sure why Pence needed to run home for the same disaster. I don't know, when the Russians had previous submarine problems, whether Presidents and Vice Presidents had to scramble home. This might be a normal reaction by the US, with a possibility of the Russians thinking the US was involved in the accident, but it's a big question in my mind.

Now I wonder if anyone will bother to tell us what this was all about. When a Russian boat is discovered to potentially have the ability to cut undersea cables, why is this not blasting all over the MSM?
Thank you for both your service and this excellent information.


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OP started July 2.
It's now July 17.
Still no word from anybody that I know of who has said what was going on.
The one thing about severing an undersea cable that doesn't make sense to me, is that there are LOTS of them. And the internet, by it's very design, is a redundant network. The principle was invented during the cold war days, the idea being that if any one installation got taken out, the network would reroute and still be a fully functional system because of it's web like structure. Tapping it, however, makes a lot of sense.
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OP started July 2.
It's now July 17.
Still no word from anybody that I know of who has said what was going on.
LOL if we needed proof of THE MEMORY HOLE here it is. I don't think anyone wants too close attention on this little problem. Might lead to other questions that are hard to answer.

George Orwell's 1984 introduced the Memory Hole concept but it was already working just fine in totalitarian regimes around the world, -particularly in Russia.

Back in the olden days when we had real news (and good reporters who understood their role in keeping governments honest) some eager beaver wouldn't let go of such a juicy and interesting story with all kinds of threads leading all kinds of places. Watergate springs to mind. Woodward and Bernstein didn't let go, and that story kept unraveling in the headlines day by day.

But nowadays, the big news people run the news and what crumbs they let slip, get swept aside by the good people at Google's search engine who don't want curious ordinary people to really know much of anything.

This has the potential to be really interesting and informative, but I'm almost certain that people are working overtime at Google and the news wire services to bury stories like this.


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Well it's the best way to bury a story, give some weak but possible explanation that might be no more than a coincidence at the time.

I can see them wanting to avoid getting pulled into a drug investigation considering everything Mueller did to get Trump impeached on the Russia thing when all the evidence led squarely to Hilary Clinton.

And it really might be the truth, -- no connection to the submarine incident, but that doesn't answer some of the interesting aspects of this story. Even if it wasn't why Pence was recalled.