Public Schools Participate In Drag Shows

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Recently, a public middle school situated in an ultra-left wing state has initiated an unusual incentive program for its students.

Specifically, in Washington state, widely regarded as one of the most liberal states in the nation, middle schoolers collectively earned $2,000 for devising a drag show for public school students.

According to Bellingham Public Schools (BPS), Whatcom Middle School won the “Think BIG Competition” that the district had promoted.

The “Gender Sexuality Alliance Club,” an official student organization at the middle school, created a drag show for students, which apparently was BPS’s definition of “thinking BIG.”

Drag shows typically feature men dressed up as women, oftentimes with heavy makeup other highly sexualized apparel. Typically, these shows fall within the realm of adult entertainment, and have commonly not been perceived as normal activities for prepubescent students.

The participants in the drag show are aged 10 to 14 years old, according to a report from 770 AM-Washington.
Apparently, the drag show for middle schoolers constitutes the best way for BPS to spend various taxpayer revenues. The Gay Sexuality Alliance at the middle school crafted a response of 250 words of less regarding why drag shows for children constitute the best way a district can spend taxpayer funds.
Other ideas that the district evaluated, and ultimately rejected in favor of the drag show, including assisting students with transportation needs going to and from the physical campus of school, as well as building storm gardens.
According to BPS, the Gay Sexuality Alliance at the Whatcom Middle School will use funds “to plan a student drag/talent show and additional outreach activities to support students,” including the promotion of multiple “safe spaces.”
The public school district added that a sexualized drag show for middle schoolers provides the opportunity to reduce bullying.
The Gay Sexuality Alliance at Whatcom Middle School is set to receive $2,000 of taxpayer funds for its “Drop Dead Gorgeous Drag Show” in the following week.


Whatcom county is a northern county bordering British Columbia.
10 year olds are elementary age, not middle school.
Another outrageous and immoral use of tax dollars.
The school superintendent should be fired.