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Jesus coming for his church has to be really close since Jesus said that the generation (that saw the rebirth of Israel) would not pass away till all these things be fulfilled.

The Psalm 83 war will precede the tribulation period

The rise of the antichrist comes after the rapture but before the tribulation Daniel 9:27

the nations that are involved in the Psalm 83 war are not mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war which means that Gog Magog takes place after the Psalm 83 war

The Psalm 83 war is going to involve Isaiah 17 of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap in one nights time

The Psalm 83 war also involves Egypt which will become desolate for 40 years Ezekiel 29:11

Russia must survive the Psalm 83 war for the only time it does invade is when Israel is at peace Ezekiel 38:11 and this has to be inside the trib period under the peace covenant of Dan 9:27

where does the U.S. fit in, the nation being described in Jeremiah 50 is described as being the hindermost of the nations or the last of the nations Jer 50:12

it is described as being attacked from the north Jeremiah 50:3 , (going over the north pole from the U.S. who is there Russia)

it is described as the hammer of all the earth Jer 50:23

Arrows shall be be shot at this latter day nation Jer 50:9 and none shall return in vain (missiles anyone)

the results, this nation described will be as Sodom and Gomorrah Jer 50:40

The imagery and description are there as the identity of the hindermost or last of the nations.

In Jeremiah 51:5,6 the same warning is given to his people Israel to flee out of the midst of Babylon as in Revelation 18:4,5

Well you can judge for yourselves, there are more parallel passages between Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Revelation 18

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So how does the coronavirus affect the timing of all this? By July, we could see governments collapsing all over the world as their revenue bases dry up and populations demand handouts to make up for lost jobs. Mass famine as supply chains collapse. Wars. Possibly the installation of some initial form of world government to fill the power vacuums.
The timing question-- I think the increased instability will cause some of the more explosive Arab muslim states to ignite. We see in Iran and the "West Bank" or Gaza the way they deflect their country's problems by blaming everything on Israel, the Jews and Allah's displeasure over the state of Jerusalem remaining in Jewish hands. Even in the moderate states like Egypt and Jordan who have peace agreements with Israel and generally behave peacefully, they are facing muslim insurgents and activists who like to demonize Israel, and the leaders have to go along to get along.

I think just like we saw with the roll out of the "peace agreement"-- God will not allow things to start till HE allows them to.

I hesitate to say July and revenue bases drying up because of that factor. God is in control, and the economy, while it is threatened like never before and it IS showing real cracks and strain, may yet be able to totter and wobble along till GOD says NOW and the economy crashes altogether. I've been watching it behave against the law of gravity for a long time now, and even with the Covid Crisis putting a world wide sudden pressure to explode I wonder if the time is not just yet.

By that I mean, we may have a crash, and a correction, that is devastating like the dirty 30's were devastating, but not outside the normal way things work until God allows for the globalists to have their dream of a world wide crash followed by their world currency.

And I'm not saying that America and Canada and the "west" won't be left in tatters, because we could be even if the Rapture and the Tribulation are still a ways yet.

I do think things are progressing faster and more severe as time goes by, just like labour pains do.


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Not feeling up to debate today, so below is from Jack. I will admit Im not married to the fact this HAS to be an event vice a prayer. However, Israel has enemies as border countries and none of them are mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39.

Question:How do we know that Psalm 83 (which, to me, sounds like a prayer, rather than a prophecy) is actually a prophecy of war? What makes that “prayer” a “prophecy” that we know as the Psalm 83 war ?

Answer: You’re correct in saying Psalm 83 is a prayer, but that doesn’t make it a hypothetical one, such as when we pray for protection against whatever danger might arise. The prayer is too specific in naming the names of Israel’s enemies, even quoting their words.

Nothing that would have fulfilled Psalm 83 has ever happened, so there are two possibilities. Either the prayer was answered pre-emptively and God over ruled the enemy’s plan, or the prayer was for a future time.

Until recently we might have accepted the first possibility, but suddenly modern nations occupying the lands of the very enemies Psalm 83 spoke of are surrounding Israel and threatening to attack, and they’re uttering the very words from Psalm 83:4.

“Come,” they say. “Let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel will be remembered no more.”

Then you have the fact that these enemies, against all logic, will not be involved in a prophecy we know is about an attack against Israel (Ezekiel 38). Why are they missing? Is it because they will have already been defeated? These are strong circumstantial indicators that Psalm 83 is a prophecy that will soon be fulfilled.