Protests over death of PA critic Nizar Banat to resume Friday


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Protests over death of PA critic Nizar Banat to resume Friday
An EU delegation visits the family of the outspoken critic of President Mahmoud Abbas in Hebron
JULY 1, 2021

The head of the European Union’s mission to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff, on Thursday called for an independent and transparent investigation into the killing of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat. The call came during a visit by EU officials to the family of Banat in Hebron. Banat, 44, was reportedly beaten to death by Palestinian security officers who raided his home to arrest him last week. Palestinian activists, meanwhile, said that they will resume protests against the death of Banat on Friday.

The protests, during which Palestinians chanted slogans against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, were temporarily suspended after protesters and journalists were physically assaulted by Palestinian security officers and Fatah thugs in Ramallah earlier this week. The protests will take place in Ramallah and Hebron, as well as at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem after Friday prayers.