Prophecy writer Don Koenig is very sick


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Just a few more weary days and then I’ll fly away​

Posted on July 16, 2021 by Don Koenig
I have severe medial issues so I will stop posting articles and I will be closing comments for at least awhile.
I have had chronic medical issues since last fall. The blood tests indicate internal bleeding and bacteria infections. A recent CT scan revealed that I have a mass in my gut that is larger than a grapefruit and I also have two spots on my liver. The large mass is what is known as a GIST and is probably a soft tissue sarcoma.
The mass is probably too large to be taken out by surgery. I know the surgeon that ordered the biopsy said he cannot do it. So it looks like they will have to try to shrink the GIST using chemo. The problem with that is that I am already anemic and am getting weaker, and by the time they get going on shrinking the tumor I may be dead. The chemo they normally use for the treatment also can cause internal bleeding so that complicates the issue.