"Professional Squatter" Racks Up $1300 Water Bill As Chicago Woman Fights To Kick Him Off Property


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I saw this poor lady in an interview on Jesse Watters' show the other night. I'd never heard of such a thing before. But then it's a Demonrat-run loony bin city, so I guess we shouldn't be shocked that a man who illegally broke into this woman's house, changed the locks, and took it over has all the "rights" of a tenant even though he's a burglar and a professional squatter. This lady is having to go through the "legal" system, obviously paying for a lawyer, to get this thief out of her rightfully-owned home. Evidently, she's also responsible for the utility payments and received a $1300 water bill that this squatter and his friends ran up. This is so not right! :furiousSo in Demonrat-run cities if you leave your home too long, anyone can break into your home and claim they're now the "tenant-squatters" and there's nothing the police can do about it. Worse, you have to hire a lawyer and pay to kick them out, even though they're illgally occupying your home. :faint2 https://www.foxnews.com/media/profe...r-bill-chicago-woman-fights-kick-off-property However, another story I just read is how a man, whose mother's home was stolen by squatters in CA, beat them at their own game. https://www.foxnews.com/us/handyman-turns-tables-squatters-took-mothers-house
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I simple don't understand it, what happened to the breaking and entering LAWS don't they still apply????? I thought that was illegal to break and enter in someone's else's property? They really need to get a handle on this, because the way things are going in this country is you could leave to go to work and come home and someone's there and now their squatting on your property with your things in your house, simple NOT right.


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Michigan is the same way if a person stays in a house/apartment/whatever for 30 days and won't leave have to go to court for eviction. Meanwhile they can trash the place and get the court to make you repair!