Privacy Badger


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It works great. I can also strongly suggest these plugins/extensions;
- uBlock Origins
- Ghostery
- HTTPS Anywhere
- AdBlock or AblockPlus or AdBlock Latitude
- NoScript
- Adaware

Most of them are available for most common browsers. They get along well together, and each one has a unique filtering/security/privacy application, though there is some overlap. They all have downsides but the up sides are far weightier. A couple of them require some action on your part depending on what page you visit.

Also try these applications that are not browser related;

- Spybot <---- Keeps an eye on the garbage that sites, spammers and crooks load or try to load in the background.
- Spybot Anti-Beacon <---- This is a great telemetry blocker. It stops a lot of the reporting our PCs do to the "mother ship/s".

And then some great anti virus program options. All of the have a free and paid options;

- Avast Free <---- Runs in the background, but does have the occasional pester-pop-up urging user to upgrade.
- Adaware <---- Have not tried this one personally but word on it is decent.
- Bit Defender <---- Some PCs have minor issues but it is very lightweight and effective.


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Thanks for the heads up on those.

I use AdBlock Plus currently and it is really good. :thumbup

I'll have to check out the others. :)
My pleasure. I love this sort of thing. I'm nowhere near the neighborhood of an expert but I play one online, occasionally.

By the way. Would it have been okay to post direct links? I hesitate to do so, just in case there's a forum rule or guideline I might've missed...hehe, "might've".