Prince Charles likely will become Regent within 2 years as the Queen ages


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I didn't know he would take the name George. I was considering the fact that there had not been a King Charles since Charles II died in 1685. Of course, he was the last of the Stuart kings and perhaps the House of Hanover-- Windsor now-- would prefer not to refer to them after the whole thing with Bonnie Prince Charlie, :horsepoopwhose last descendant was living in Rome, from what I heard. I'm nerding out here. :book


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I think he might avoid using the regnal name of George since his grandson, and heir to the throne after William is also named George.

One of the things that might interest any prophecy watchers looking at him, is that he is a globalist and a die hard environmentalist as are his sons.

This is actually why I find this bit of news interesting. From a prophecy watching standpoint. Don't get me wrong, there are no prophecies about the British Royal family.

BUT here's how I get there.

He would make an ideal bridge between the old ways (the British royal family and all it's feelings of stability and security that the royal family imply to all those under the British crown)

---and the new world order under the Antichrist.

If we go up in the Rapture in the next few years or decades should the Lord tarry-- Charles will be a very useful tool for the AC to introduce his new world order with. Charles would give it the Royal stamp of approval so to speak. The AC would gain the false royal image of respectable generations of stability while completely destroying the last remaining bits of democracy and it's Biblical foundations in one swift move.

Charles would be useful cover for the Antichrist to bring in the New World Order after we leave.

And should the Lord tarry further into the future, Charles has sons that think as he does on globalism and the environment. Harry in particular is very much the environmentalist as is his American wife but for all the news reports on Harry, the same education, the same environment, the same example of their father was given to William.


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I've heard that he was planning on becoming King George VII as well. I also agree that after he's been known as Charles for more than 70 years, it'll be strange for him to take the regnal name of George. I also agree that he and/or his son(s) will have a role of some sort in helping to pave the way for the Antichrist to one day come to power.

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I do not like the royal family of England. Numerous times they were seen cavorting with child predator Jimmy SaVILE (emphasize VILE). Did they not make it law to forbid the citizenry from speaking about the royal family's sex crimes? Pedo Prince Andrew is certainly to blame, but if they keep this kind of company with the Viles and the Epsteins, it makes me start to wonder about all the others -- especially if they feel the need to push for a law like the one I mentioned.


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It is going to be hard for anyone to fill the shoes of Queen Elizabeth since she has done a fabulous job representing the UK. I have heard she is a devout Christian and attends church every Sunday, and was also a huge fan of Billy Graham's services. It will be interesting to see if the British people will want to continue paying money to support the Monarchy since some of them have not set the best examples. (Charles and Diana affairs and divorce, Andrew and Sarah affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein, and Harry and Meghan outrageous spending).
Whatever happened to Fergie after she tried to pull off some kind of shady thing of offering access to Andrew for money?