Pride Month and Why Schools Are Sexualizing Children


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Pride Month and Why Schools Are Sexualizing Children
And what parents must do.
By Tamra Farah

Our son was verbal as a toddler and still is today at 34. He hit the “why” stage at about 3 ½ – you know, when a young child learns something new and then they want to know why. But he didn’t just ask why once. When he got the first answer, it was followed by another why, and another, and sometimes another. It was exhausting for Mom but a welcome sign of his intelligence at the same time.

Speaking of asking why, since it is “Pride Month,” why not stop and ask why our kids are being hypersexualized at school? We have experienced a cultural revolution over the last three years with the ferocious expansion of the trans and gender ideology agenda, particularly in K-12 public schools.

So, why have public schools taken on this dramatic, life-changing, social, and sexual mission to lure children away from their biological identity as male or female without parental involvement? Surely this isn’t just the latest fad or societal craze. There must be an underlying mission.

Let’s look at how this whirlwind has made its way into classrooms and bathrooms at the expense of reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with tossing a needed focus on accurate history, social studies, and science out the school window. We must dig deep for this answer, carry it forward and then expose and stop those who have political and financial agendas to match it.

A partial answer to that started in 1980 with the founding of the Human Rights Campaign. By the 1990s HRC was lobbying and ensuring donations were made to Democrats and Republicans alike. Their goal was to normalize LGBTQ resulting in gay marriage. With that, an aura was created that LGBTQ is a protected class, which laid the foundation for where we are today culturally.

Fast forward to 2021, why did President Biden sign an executive order on day one in support of protecting transgenderism in schools, and why would the White House create a Toolkit on Transgender Equality. These actions are supported now by the US Department of Ed’s policies and ongoing communications to promote transgenderism in schools, including praising Pride Month.

We also must ask why LGBTQ groups like Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, Learning for Justice, Gender Spectrum, Advocates for Youth, Planned Parenthood, and Gay–Straight Alliance, along with educational groups such as CASEL and Panorama Education Inc., are flooding classrooms and burdening teachers with LGBTQ oriented curricula and profiting from it.

Through these materials, young children are being targeted with this agenda and being transmuted into something other than whom they were born to be at school. Why?

Some scholars say we could go back thousands of years, but a look at Hungarian Marxist Gyorgy Lukács, deputy commissar of education in the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, and founder of Western and cultural Marxism, is a good place to start. Lukács called for the sexualization of children in schools to separate them from their families and their religion. Lukács knew it was essential to destabilize the family unit and shift culture by separating children from their families to achieve his goal of building a Marxist society. As a result, the state captured the allegiance of the next generation, transforming them into activists for the Marxist cause.

So here we are 100 years later, already sliding toward socialistic/Marxist governance in America. And what begins to rise with lightning speed since the new administration took power in 2020? Drag queen shows, and dozens of LGBTQ books with sordid tales and pornographic pictures are constantly being used by teachers who employ the power of suggestion around pronouns, create secret gender plans, and offer gender transition hormones and surgical therapies, all without parental notice or consent. Why don’t schools want to notify you as a parent? Because they want to separate your children from you – that’s why.

Parents, you must insist that these Marxist crusaders stand down. Parents and educators must stand strong for the next generation with courage and clarity. We must protect children from the profound familial, emotional, and psychological harm that has proven to follow sexualization in youth. Not to mention the separation from you that is underway.

We were naturally created for family and designed to be who we were born to be. The social and sexual manipulation of children is bad for kids, damaging to families, and destructive to our free society.


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My dad was a public high school teacher. For years the teaching profession did not get a lot of respect. Some teachers were underpaid and would just play by the district rules to get tenure. They also had to deal with the fact that they could not discipline students. I wouldn’t be surprised if this contributed to many normal people not going into the teaching profession, and would instead attract those who were perverts and would prey on children. You have college institutions promoting this as normal behavior for a Marxist agenda and you have a recipe for the disaster we are going through. I have no regrets of deciding to be childless.


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The left cannot compete in a world of facts and common sense. The youth must be indoctrinated similar to how the fake Palestinians do, that is to pound the idea of hatred into the kids so hard it will never come out regardless of factual knowledge. Instead of hatred it's sexual deviancy, same result. Kids are messed up and nothing will change their minds.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him

Matthew 10:35-37 Holman Christian Standard Bible

35 For I came to turn a man against his father,

a daughter against her mother,

a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;

36 and a man’s enemies will be

the members of his household. 37 The person who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; the person who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.

The division Christian faith causes is part of God's revelation. When we chose Christ, we become enemies of the world.

And the world does not want to lose its own. So the attack on the family should be expected. Everything that is God is being slandered, degraded, ridiculed, or outright attacked. God did not want this to happen, but in bringing salvation to man, the fruit of hatred would flourish. The world hates God, His Christ, the work of His Sprit,
and every single person who would take their sin and place it at the foot of the Cross.

In hating God, the world also hates all that is ordained by God. His Word, His creation, the very order of life. And the violence of that hate is about to be unbridled.

Pray for one another, for each generation has questioned the previous and challenged them. But there is coming a generation who will resent everything Christian and will actively hate those clinging to those "myopic" values. We can see its very creation today.
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