Prices Already Rising


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Funny thing about spam, its actually the comfort food of Hawaii. They can't get enough of it. During World war II they lived on the stuff. It keeps a very long time too as long as the can isn't banged up.
It's so versatile too, you can sub it in almost any recipe you can think of. Had a bil that lived there for years and used to send us awesome recipes that I still use.


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They already don't want to work. My oldest is a manager over a large group of employees and having much difficulty keeping positions filled. They are getting stimulus checks, unemployment, welfare and whatever and simply prefer not to work.
Having been on both sides of the equation: a lot of companies are also asking workers to do more than is humanly possible. Before I got sick and lost my job, I was working 12-16 hour days/5 days a week with another 8 hour day on the sixth. It's little wonder I got sick. The place my mom is working at has scheduled every minute of her time, so that the notes she is required to keep for each case eat up her lunch hour and make her get out late everyday.

I get it. Businesses are trying to make ends meet as well. I am now unemployed and I'm not sure I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but at least I've finally caught up on sleep and I'm not having heart palpitations and weird skin rashes anymore. I'm not really looking for a job, although I need one. Badly. But I'm looking at the want ads online, and the signs around town and I'm not seeing anything that will help support me for what it costs for my time and gas money.

Aside from the two stimulus checks, I am getting nothing from anyone. I pray for God's provision everyday and that He will lead me where I need to be. It's all I can do at this point. (And when it's not snowing buckets, I'm going to put in one heck of a garden.) I've started working on a novel, and I'm editing one that my husband wrote. I'm focusing on what I can do now. A lot of that means I'm making everything I can from scratch.

And I'm hardly the only one.