Prices Already Rising


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Most items seem to rise almost weekly.
Generic Splenda was always $3.99.
Now it is $5.19.
I bought new cosmetics from Wal Greens recently. Even with Buy one, get one 50% off AND a $7 coupon, it tore a $100 dollar bill up.
Soap and shampoo have gone up too.
Still thanking the Lord that products are available and I can buy some.
Makeup is a necessary expense for we ladies! LOL

I was told that even in the Depression that women saved from their grocery money for their makeup so you can see it is important!

Ghoti Ichthus

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Same here where we live. I looked at the cost of spices and was astounded. I am ordering them in bulk now. We are only getting partial orders of our meds filled also.
It's terrible when people can't afford their prescriptions. I hope the new year means your insurance will cover more of the cost.

My Dad's Part D kept his copays pretty reasonable, but next year the premiums were going to be a lot higher than this year. Same with his Medicare supplement. His Social Security COLA would have exactly covered the increase in his Medicare premiums, so he would have been losing ground just paying for medical insurance he would have needed in addition to Medicare.

The prices of funeral home services are way up, too. Cemetery services, caskets, and grave liners are about the same as they were a couple years ago.


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I looked for a used Dodge Dart several years ago.They were a bunch offered around $1999 then. Good luck finding a decent Dart today for less than 10 grand.My parents paid $18,500 for the house I grew up in. I sold it a few years back for $199,900. I felt guilty.


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I bought a can of store brand onion rings the other day. They were almost $3:oops:. And they are usually broken bits and pieces. A can of blackeye peas almost $2 and they used to be .30 or .40 cents a can.
A good sit down restaurant meal about $14. I know I’ll be reducing all my food expenses quantity this year. On a positive side, maybe my weight will come down some.


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A few years back I bought a used truck for $500.00. I drove it for 3 or 4 years and sold it for $300.00. I just saw an ad for a new GMC truck. The MSRP was $57,600. That is more than I paid for my first house.


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Long time no see! Got laid off from my job back in October because of the rise in housing prices and the effect that had on the economy. So now I'm in North Idaho trying to find a new job, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to afford a home even when I do get a job. A typical new construction home in North Idaho runs about $500k, and to afford that, I would have to earn at least $100k/year, or my wife would have to work full time. As a provider, I believe that I should be able to provide for all my family's needs, and if my wife wants to work, that would be extra. But now, it seems to be the case that both of us have to work in order to afford to just survive, and it doesn't seem like anything is changing for the better.