Preacher's Daughter's - New reality show on Lifetime, beginning March 12


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I have been seeing previews for this show for the last few weeks. It's a reality show that follows 3 pastors and their rebellious teenage daughters. Are these men really clergymen of churches in this nation? I have no idea, I hope and pray not, because I cannot imagine why a man would exploit his family like this for the sake of TV ratings, exposure, money? None of that would be worth exploiting my family, and these men are supposed to be men of God, so one would think they would be even less likely to exploit their families.

Regardless of the realness of the reality show, it does not put Christian's in a good light. It makes the parents seem strict and judgemental, and the children look as victims of overly protective parents. Not to mention it shows the young ladies dressed provocatively and in compromising situations.

Shame on Lifetime, I hope this show goes the way Southern Christian "Belles (ABC)". That show lasted only a few episodes. Hopefully, true Christian's will refuse to give this show ratings and will speak out against it. Unfortunately, people seem so drawn to reality TV, people truly find entertainment in immersing themselves in the depraved behavior of others.

Lord help us.