Praying for God to back the Honeybee.


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Honeybees seem pretty special to God (or were at least specially designed for our pleasure). The promised land was described as a land flowing with milk and honey, after all. Honey has a lovely, sweet floral taste. It's amazing as long as you can get past it being bee vomit :lol

Misty S

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We have a variety bees and wasps here. We occasionally see these giant murder hornet looking things. Eric has one in the freezer. It is way too big for my liking. Had some in-laws that used to keep honeybees and the honey was delicious.

Lovin Jesus

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My daughter's house has shrubs that bloom little flowers seasonally. These flowers always attracted bees every time they bloomed. It's been about five years now since there have been bees in or around those blooming shrubs. Before they stopped coming around, I noticed bees laying on the ground in the yard, not quite dead but dying on the ground. Then they were just gone.


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I have been praying for God to restore, to bring back, the Honey Bees in my area. Back when I was cutting the grass I would leave the clover in the yard uncut for the Bees.

The Bees have vanished, they are non existent. A Bee keeper near me abandoned his hive boxes and he put his property on the market.

It’s not just the Honey Bees, I haven’t seen a Stink Bug since I was a kid, Dragon Fly are AWOL too (saw two last year), I said, It’s good to see you. I don’ see Bumblebees either.

Man is killing off creation. I heard that when the Honeybee goes so will Man. We are so dependent on the Bees to pollinate so much plants and trees.

We still have lots of honey bees in AZ where I live; what I miss are the “Horny toads” the Horned Frogs that we used to have in abundance in the AZ desert. They were cute, kind of like a cross breed between a frog and a little dinosaur. :)

Of course they never did make honey.