Prayer for marriage


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Lord, once again we see a situation that seems to be totally out of control. Neither we nor our sister has any way to "fix" this. But, Lord, we have you! And you are totally in control. Of every situation. At all times. So, Lord, what is happening in our sister's life is no surprise to You. You are in control of her life, even now. Lord, You see the end from the beginning. We cannot. But we can trust You, as we have perhaps never trusted You before. We have Your promise that You will work ALL things together for our ultimate good and Your glory. We cannot see how good or glory can come out of such pain; so please help us to trust You and every promise You have made. King David said "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up." In other words, He knew that You would take care of him, even when abandoned by those closest to him. Please, please help our sister to believe and be comforted with the thought that "When my husband forsakes me, then the LORD will take care of me." Be her strength and her comfort, Lord. Wrap Your mighty arms around her and hold her close as she walks through this trial. We know her tears are precious to You; but, Lord, please ease her suffering. Please take Your hand and hold back the pain that attacks her daily. We pray that she may feel Your Presence even in the midst of her distress. O God of our salvation, please deal with her husband. Bring him to repentance; bring him back to his wife; bring him to You. Please save him from the evil plans of Satan; please save him from himself. And we ask all of this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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I’m so unbelievably sad he’s taken his ring off. I don’t know why we haven’t fought. I think he loves this girl and I’m seriously questioning his salvation. I still haven’t confronted him I don’t know how but I feel I should at some point. I feel like a coward! Please continue to pray but I think my marriage is over it’s just a matter of when…