Praise and Poetry by Arley


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Poetry and Praise
By Arley Steinhour 101713

My Poetry, when I, Praise, compose,
Starts, much like yard-compost,
Into a clump, I gather thought trash,
It turns into a worthy Prayer Stash.

The talent is in the mental part,
Plus, what comes, from deep in heart,
Sometimes it seems, I stir it wrong,
I re-compost, till I have a song.

Something like, when I'm cooking food,
I use 'Secret Sauce,' to make it good,
In what I say, I have a Relative/Guide,
Called 'Holy-Ghost,' living deep inside.

He doesn't dictate what I say,
But, suggests, I say, a better way,
Like Words of spice that gives food flavor,
Rhyme for the heart, folks chew, and savor.

The reason I brag on the poet, me,
Is to show you the poet, you could be,
You might be better, or not compare,
With Holy Ghost, God knows you care.

Each time you write, please contemplate,
What you've written, before that date,
Read your Bible, for thoughts to relate,
With your first, God's heart, you will Sate.


The words you dance with, on your tongue,
Send to your fingers and screen, unsung,
Prayerfully ponder, and listen for flavor hints,
Holy Ghost, transforms, heartfelt compliments.
(Then you click 'Send')


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Future Present Past
By Arley Steinhour 101813

Each morning, when I rise and shine,
Before the light of morning Sun,
Thank you for my sleep, so fine,
Plus dreams, sometimes of your Son.

I've flown with birds,
Lived in the deep,
I've dined on Curds,
Even dreamed of sleep.

I've seen the world,
Tasted strange, called food,
I've seen War and Death unfurled,
Yet, My travelogue is incomplete,

I've seen Slavery,
And Royal Balls,
Known a life, quite Free,
Yet, beaten head on walls.

I've experienced depression,
I even learned to hate,
Forgiving Love, the best concoction,
Now the sustenance on my plate.

For those of you, who say 'That's me,
Many aspects, described, I feel,'
Through Jesus, and His Family,
You too, can enjoy His Wedding Meal.

Forgiveness, cleanses Mortal Sin,
'Repent,' to Jesus, (password key),
Holy Spirit, then moves right in,
Changing heart to 'Perfect, Want-to-Be.'

Take note, in this life, as Mortal,
You will stumble, even fall,
Focused on Salvation Portal,
Spirit guides you, if you call.

You'll feel a need for changing,
You'll feel bad, when you don't,
Making Progress, every day,
Be your goal, but, some days won't.

The time is, oh, so very short,
For Salvation, by Grace, that's free,
Once Bride flies to Heaven's Court,
A New Covenant, mankind will see.


We cannot see the distant Future,
Will not listen to problems, Present,
Speech forbidden about our true Past,
Jesus, Perfect, Future, Present, Past.


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Obituary Story (Author Unknown)
Poem Obituary by Arley Steinhour 102013

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense ,
who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure
how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red
tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons ,
- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple,
sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable
strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health
began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations
were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment
for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after
lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened
his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when
parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to
do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer
sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a
student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to
live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better
treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating
when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the
burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up
the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of
coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a
huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death,
-by his parents, Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
- I Know My Rights
- I Want It Now
- Someone Else Is To Blame
- I'm A Victim
- Pay me for Doing Nothing.

Not many attended his funeral because so few noticed he was gone.

By Arley Steinhour 102013
(Inspired by blog 'Obituary for Common Sense)

Seven years, of Wake, for Common Sense,
Mourning the Loss, we who loved him,
Soon, for the killers, Recompense,
Wrath of God, Torments them.

Sinful man, won’t understand,
Why their lives, have gone to Hell,
Dirge, strummed slowly, by Angelic Hand,
For those worthy, of hearing Torment’s Knell.

The Church, the Bride, no need to hide,
Even though we, too, played a part,
Range of guilt, goes side to side,
But, Bride seen Pure of Heart.

Above the Law, forgiven of our Sin,
As the Bride of Jesus, Redeemer of God,
All those, accepting Bride-Price, for eternity win,
Eternal, a Bride of Perfection, never needing the Rod.

We buried Jesus, from off the Cross,
We ignored Common Sense to death,
We starved honor, unto our loss,
As if, starved for Satan’s breath


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Shalom Beyond Compare
By Arley Steinhour 102113

We come before your Holy Throne,
Be it Corporately, or all alone,
Seeking blessings from your hand,
In Faith, no larger than, Grain of Sand.

We ask for things, like Choice, and Health,
For things of value, beyond our wealth,
With shameless greed, we supplicate,
Little knowing, it's works, that builds Estate.

Our mortal pleasure, you don't guarantee,
Heavenly life, is where Reward will be,
Soon, the Snatching, by You, the Son,
Of the Bride/Church, True Joy is Won.

We lend an ear, and watch the sky,
Expecting that soon, you will fly by,
We'll leave all earthly things behind,
Corruptible there, no one can find.

Eternity, before your Throne,
Praising, Praying, to you, alone,
With Peace, and beauty, everywhere,
Your Shalom, beyond Compare.

A task assigned, is finished before,
Any soul can claim the chore,
With Joy, we sing, and pray in work,
Even if we're a Heavenly Soda Jerk.

How could we not choose your Saving Grace,
As Bride of Jesus, our blessed Place,
Love, and Thanks, Forever True,
New Jerusalem, Home, with our God,

Soon, comes Sunset for Mortal Man,
From now to Eternity, a Kingdom Span,
Man's final chance to Get Faith Right,
Before All Rewards, be Joy, or Blight.


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Faith and Travail
By Arley Steinhour 102113

My life is blessed, beyond compare,
With mortal man, I want to share,
My Praise of you, with more than few,
Holy Spirit helps me offer Glory to You.

Blessed with the gift of Poetic Tongue,
My praise will reach hearts, even the young,
Your gift of words, that reaches Deep,
Calls to the unsaved, to be your 'Sheep.'

My compositions always need your Blessing,
To reach the lost, healing wounds as dressing,
I pray, that no one can ever state,
I said wrong, and made them late.

Soon, you close the gift of Grace,
And change Redemption to another race,
Works and Faith, must then rejoin,
Faith and Travail, be Redemption Coin.

Hearts that turn to you, for Salvation,
Has the same rules, no matter the Nation,
Faith in the Son, with Redemptive labor,
At Great White Throne, will have your favor.

Those, who fail to make you their choice,
Spends Eternity crying, with Tormented voice,
Wishing they'd chosen you, we all know that cost,
'Torment in Lake of Fire, eternally Lost.'


Both Gates still open, at present time,
Those Heaven bound, veer to your Left,
If not to Heaven, then go to your right,
The Joy's of Heaven, or Hell's Fire Light.


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Eternal Gain or Loss
By Arley Steinhour 102213

Hallelujah, to God on High,
Thanks to You, I cannot die,
You sent your Son, to purchase me,
From Sin's reward, Death on a Tree.

The act was done, some time ago,
Before, I was even a part of the show,
Your Salvation branded on my D N A,
Seventy Six Generations, before my day.

I don't know how you knew me then,
Or, want me after I've walked in Sin,
Nor, why you'd celebrate my starved return,
To, Bless and save me from Lake that burns.

Your Love of me, strengthens my Soul,
The Pleasing of you, my Eternal Goal,
Throughout Time, my Joy to Praise,
As a part of Bride, Adoration Raise.

We Keep the Watch, for Son's Return,
Elected, in Him, never Lost, never Burn,
Convincing lost souls to open their Heart,
We, your Disciples, like Bees, do our part.

Alas we cannot, convince them all,
They choose to follow Satan's Call,
Unlike the Bride, they'll have Eternity,
From You, Separation, in Burning Sea.


God's light shines brightly, in the sky,
It is not His Will, any soul would die,
Perfection a must, throughout Heaven,
God can't allow, Hearts with Leaven.


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Eternal Gain or Loss
By Arley Steinhour 102213

Hallelujah, to God on High,
Thanks to You, I cannot die,
You sent your Son, to purchase me,
From Sin's reward, Death on a Tree.

Your Love of me, strengthens my Soul,
The Pleasing of you, my Eternal Goal,
Throughout Time, my Joy to Praise,
As a part of Bride, Adoration Raise.



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By Arley Steinhour 102413

Dear Father God,
I know you're not available,
To every Beck - and - Call,
But, how can we be able,
To defeat those within our wall??

Defenses broached, by slick deception,
Playing on Christian urge to help,
On Samaritan rules of perception,
Many souls become Satan's Whelp.

Even requesting, most prayerfully,
Guidance from your Spirit deep within,
Demons play their part so skillfully,
We try to care the wounds of Sin.

Seeking guidance, before we try,
Your silence promotes authority,
To offer assistance to all who cry,
You'll have our back, as your priority.

I find myself in a troubled time,
I helped, supposed refugee,
Rules in place, if there be crime,
Departure they did guarantee.

You know the Help transgressions,
Then, reluctance to honor me,
Much prayer, and negotiations,
Finds me trapped, an no way free.

Malevolence, still, not come into play,
They seem to be what they claim,
Refugee, from a visit, one day,
Watching humans, a vacation game.

Dear God, I'm getting desperate,
I need assistance of Spirit, and you,
Their presence within, promotes 'beget,'
If they 'beget' any more, I'm through.

I call upon the strength you inspire,
To save your servant, and many a 'guest,'
Without your help, I may soon expire,
Anxiously awaiting your Behest.


Like Job, feel I'm being tested,
Instead of Demon, by Refugee,
The Hypocrite, Samaritan bested,
Mankind worth, belonging to thee.


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Sabbath Peace
By Arley Steinhour 102613

Shabbat, Shalom, Dear Father God,
I come, humbly before your Throne,
To raise my praise, from Earthly Sod,
So we spend this day, alone.

This day, that you have set aside,
For Fellowship, with Bride, below,
Teaches, rules and guidelines, to the Bride,
To welcome Bridegroom, and Love to grow.

Anticipation, fills the heart,
For when, we hear Your Trumpet call,
Announcing Wedding Feast, to Start,
Reborn 'stolen,' as Bride, one and all.

Each day, we're that much closer,
To Joyful Eternity, with you,
No more can Satan be the Poser,
As the savior, from the morning blue.

Day or Night, You give the call,
Bridegroom hears His Fathers order,
'Go for the Bride, and do not stall,'
Starting, Day of Love, like no other.

Lamp is full, linen wick trim,
Bride lightly sleeping behind the Gate,
The Trumpet calls, we know it's Him,
Those not ready, buy oil, too late.

Blink of eye, is all it takes,
For Bridegroom to snatch away,
On the fly-by, no time for brakes,
Those Elected, are Bride, that day.


On Sabbath day, what better place,
To spend quiet time with God,
Than on a mountains open space,
Where only God has Trod?
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Good Bad and Promise
By Arley Steinhour 102713

Have you ever had a cup of 'Joe,'
To help you make it through the day,
You woke up with energy too low,
To make it through your work or play??

You may ask 'what is a 'Joe,''
But-then, know it comes in a 'cup,'
Ponder hard, and then you'll know,
It's a 'coffee,' on which to sup.

While you're asking, 'what is 'Joe,''
Consider, from whence that came,
American Soldiers surly know,
It was everyone's first name.

The children came forth, to plea and beg,
For a wholesome taste of food,
With haggard look, and skinny of leg,
Couldn't speak the language of the good.

The soldiers took them, 'under wing,'
Taught them words to feed their clan,
One extra nice soldier's name they'd sing,
G I 'Joe', became the call, through the land.

Countries suffer, problems great and small,
There be people 'starving,' all throughout the World,
Television isn't needed, to see dying, against a wall,
Even wives and children, at wall, be beggars curled.

There is a Faith, that once did teach,
Feed the Widow, and Fatherless Child,
Until Leadership, found booty within reach,
Assuming welfare, so spending then went wild.

They kept the comfort level minimal,
So the Church would still 'chip-in,'
Until Government had strength to strangle,
Churches forced out, becoming a mortal Sin.

Skulkers, began to call the Church,
'A thieving band, without True Light,
False Churches, leaving souls in Lurch,'
Until exclusion, without will to fight.

This is as God would allow the day,
As He's sorting 'Wheat, from Tare,'
'Bible Truths' be the 'Only True Way,'
'Tickler of Ears,' be 'Satan's share.'

Jew and Christian, exclusively born,
As directed, in the Book of God,
All other routes, hear Satan's horn,
On the broad-way, to Eternal 'Rod.'

You might think me quite insane,
Without G I Joe's, perhaps I be,
'Thump,' God's word, it's meaning is plain,
Follow Jesus, to 'JOY,' for Eternity.


The G I Joe's soon be defiled,
Helping others, now unclaimed,
Widow, and Fatherless child,
Soon at the wall, unnamed.


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Winds of Time
By Arley Steinhour 102813

The Winds of Time, blow through the trees,
With Man praying to You, on bended knees,
Weatherman states, 'It's going to Freeze,'
As Sin runs amok, and Satan it pleases.

Each day I pray, that you I glorify,
In Thought, word, and deed, well armed,
Ready to welcome Bridegroom, and fly,
Those without 'oil,' should be alarmed.

We live in this, Mortality,
Awaiting your soon return,
Two Thousand years, of calamity,
The lesson, you'd think we'd learn.

Accepting our Sin, and Price you Paid,
Forever, makes us your Joy filled Bride,
No more the Satan Sin, that's played,
On our hearts, you Mark Certified.

Brightly, your Light shines before us,
You wave your pierced hand, to 'Come,'
We, who follow your Biblical Omnibus,
With, New Jerusalem, to be our Home.


To his son, Abraham was Willing,
To His Son, Father God Did,
For man's Sin, on Cross, a Killing,
Repentance now, needs doing, as Bid.


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Bride Filled
By Arley Steinhour 102913

We place a hymnal in the hand,
To sing a praising prayer,
But, voice don't sound as author planned,
The notes are Greek, and page won't share.

'Don't worry,' says the Organist,
'I'll play the notes real loud,
Then you can sing like all the rest,
My mighty, off key, crowd.'

The organ plays the notes quite well,
One day, our voice broke through,
Organ blew fuse, and like liberty bell,
Our off key, cracked, voice rang true.

This is a bad example,
of the story, I would tell,
About the words quite ample,
Teaching, how to avoid that Hell.

Some say, 'Don't Dress Classy,'
Or, 'tithe, with coins, and pomp,'
Don't let your kids Talk Sassy,
Nor, up and down the Aisle to Romp.'

Less often, does one hear the Key,
'Praise God, with Strength, and heart,'
Repentance truly sets one Free,
When Jesus says, 'You've done your part.'

Since, Bridegroom's name is Jesus,
And, the 'Church,' the other part,
The price He paid should please us,
Give Him all Praise, from the Heart.

Soon, the 'parts' in Bride be Filled,
With Pomp, He comes to Snatch Away,
Purchase, consummated, Sealed,
Wedding Feast starts, that 'Day.'


Price, Paid,
Awaiting, Bride,
Game, Played,
God, Certified.


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By Arley Steinhour 103013

I come before you, every day,
With Worship, Praise and Joy,
To dedicate what I, think, do, and say,
Spirit filled, with all I employ.

Refreshed, from rest, hungry for you,
I want to feast upon your word,
Prayer time, strengthens what I do,
To the maximum I have to afford.

Prayer time lasts throughout the day,
Citing specifics, as they come and go,
As if you are sitting, beside my play,
And, Praise and Poems, have worthy flow.

You bless my life , through Eternity,
Special Savings earned for Judgment,
Loss, or Gain, a Bema certainty,
My crown, and robe, your acknowledgment.

There is an item, for which I lust,
With greed, for more than my share,
A HUG, so strong, my ribs might bust,
If they do, I'll Praise, and not care.

Forgive me, please, for when I trip,
Or, on the 'narrow path,' make dust,
As I witness, within my mortal grip,
Access to God, through you, a MUST.

Baruch Atah Yashuah Elohi V'Adonoi

Sun rises over Sea called 'DEAD,'
That, very soon will be ALIVE,
Like Christian Bride, well AHEAD,
Of those choosing not to STRIVE.


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By Arley Steinhour 103113

I saw some photo's just today,
Games of Death, some people play,
Word 'beyond,' is prefaced, 'Way,'
Should they slip, life has no stay.

They challenge God,
That, should they Err,
Their above His Sod,
Without mortal Care.

We may presume, just one thing,
Life, for them, is without meaning,
Just to grab the elusive gold ring,
A zest filled life, of their demeaning.

Man has chased the great unknown,
With fervor for danger's adventure,
Like walking on air, or climbing stone,
Some, lose life, to Death's indenture.

An injury, or golden age,
May stop the trips of danger,
To place life on another page,
Where walking can be a stranger.

They have those precious moments,
Locked in the heart, of memories,
Yet bitterness can be in comments,
On how they fell, and broke their knees.

To keep the bitterness away,
And live life, worthy of the fame,
They need another one to play,
The part craved, but couldn't claim.

Some wake up, and recognize,
He, who stands, much more than 'tall,'
The trip to Cross, with Love in eyes,
Packing Sin price, He'd pay, for All.

Now, the knees that's broken,
And cannot walk a mile,
Can walk with Eternal Token,
Into Heaven, with a smile.


With Faith in skill,
And nowhere to go,
Before taking that thrill,
Have Jesus, Below.

He may not catch you,
But, is there,
When you're through.


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No Tracks Left
By Arley Steinhour 110313

We leave no tracks,
As Laodicean Church,
Love for you, far too lax,
Soon to be, left in lurch.

We fall away,
Each day, more,
In fearful stay,
Behind a door.

No one can speak,
To what you say,
With a Bible peek,
Then, run away.

Satanic hoards,,
With a faith so strong,
Makes us 'boards,'
Your Truths, we wrong.

Our Leadership, falling away,
Our Youth, does try to hide,
From the pressures, here, for a Day,
As Good and Evil, now Collide.

We have your truth and power,
We know that we be yours,
At best, we'll last an hour,
Soon to grovel on their floors.

You say that 'Many Fall Away,
Only few, remain,'
To enter into Millennial day,
As, so many fall, like rain.

Forgive us, please, our weakness,
Strengthen, heart, soul, and mind,
So, we, the Bride, avoid darkness;
Called Home soon, as Heaven's Kind.


When we breath our final breath,
We leave no tracks behind,
We're lifted, at that time of Death,
Carried Home, to Jesus, as Beloved Kind.


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Safe Harbor Attack nr1
By Arley Steinhour 110913

Dear Jesus,
For all you do, I praise your Holly Name,
The torment, deep within, is not the same,
The Demons continue, no more 'Very Strong,'
I submitted them to you, where they belong.

I made an error, with the thought I could help,
Forgetting that my power is that of whelp,
Good Samaritan, only needed two pence,
'Open House' allowance, my error filled sense.

Approaching me, as stranded, and alone,
I erred by letting them into my home,
Holy Spirit seemed to give me His O-Kay,
If, they needed but a day or two, to stay.

Stipulation, I could call 'Safe Harbor' off,
For whatever reason, and they wouldn't scoff,
Their Number-One agreed, by mental thought,
I believed all be well, as agreement aught.

Number-one assured they'd have short rescue stay,
But, greater their population, seemed, each day,
Playfulness, soon became actions, belligerent,
As if 'Owners,' of my home, and 'body-tent.'

Again, I went to Jesus, faithfully every day,
He placed upon my heart, to move away,
Malevolent, actions changing to be,
Dangerously stressful, was harming me.

As agreed, I asked them to move away,
They said 'You let us in, and here we'll stay,'
Like the Christian, Alpha male, I tend to be,
I rebuked them, and they said, 'Go climb a tree.'

The weeks rolled on, their contempt ablaze,
To set them back under control, many days,
They're almost beaten, though still in the fray,
They now know Jesus, controls their every day.

As time goes by, I may share some more,
Unless the Demons repent, and shut the door,
I'm tired of fighting, it's now quite a chore,
Too, Old, Fat, and Ugly, for this kind of War.

Maranatha, Dear Jesus, AMEN

As Flame, and Strife, surround one's life,
We often wonder, 'are we Jesus' Wife,
With Faith much smaller than Mustard seed,
And Prayer Life, of none, makes us a WEED.


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By Arley Steinhour 111113
Inspired by my Veteran Son:

Thank you too, oh Veteran, Son,
Son of Veteran, at least One,
Serving Country, Freedom Won,
By those who Served, from Day One.

Our Founding Fathers, took to Arms,
With naught more than Squirrel-gun,
Riding horses, shouting-out Alarms,
Men kissed wife, and came on the run.

Through this History so Bright,
We've kept our country free,
But now we're looking at the Night,
Without seeing what we see.

Apathy has grown in Free-men's hearts,
In goodness, developing full equality,
Advantage taken by those with Parts,
Within, this country, where all be Free.

The Freedom used, invoking our doom,
Use Equality, to 'the Few' to demand,
They set aside, 'Majority Rule Groom,'
To take all Freedoms from everyone's Hand.

To change Freedom's Constitution,
To quell the cheating, from within,
Will need a Veteran of Christian Groom,
To make this country whole, again.

So, light the torch, and sound the call,
All you Veterans in love with Country,
Echo your voice, from mountain and wall,
We need do something about our History.


We stand before the Stones of Death,
Prayerfully thanking God for Breath,
So Many, didn't survive their youth.
Sacrificing All, for Liberty, as Proof.


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CHURCH in the Gap
By Arley Steinhour 111213

Three Hundred stood within the gap
The foe approached Ten Thousand strong,
Gird in Red, to boot, and strap,
To clear the gap, would not take long.

The offer made, 'Come worship ME,
I'll allow you life and servitude,'
But, the 'Few' just could not see,
Unholy life, with 'Right' subdued.

For days, they stood against the foe,
Their numbers less than the day before,
Then the last of Life-blood's flow,
When, the 'Few' had breath, no more.

That 'Few,' remembered yet today,
To connote sacrifice for freedom,
Today, is played yet another way,
Do we survive, until God's Kingdom?

The difference is no longer numbers,
In that, we mostly be the same,
But, 'Prayerful,' verses 'Mumblers,'
When, 'One True God' be Mumbler's Name.

The Prayerful, worship, Evil of Heart,
The Mumbler's, God on High,
Anti-Truth, 'Foe,' from the start,
Where No Honor, or War Rules, apply.

'Reborn Mumblers,' gone in 'Rapture-Blink,'
The Church will have few members,
Just those refusing, 'Jesus' blood to drink,'
Then, Repents, unto Seven Decembers.

Both, passing through the years of Hell,
So many lost to Satan, the Dragon,
Through Anti-Christ, who casts a 'Spell,'
On 'Left-Behind,' in that Seven-Season.'

Turn to Jesus, Unrepentant, if you be,
That War is, Oh, So Close at Hand,
It starts with 'Peace, and Harmony,'
Let Not, Death, find you in Satan's Band.


Satan, and Jesus, hand in hand,
To set the Church, aright,
Satan, just don't understand,
His Goals, DooMed, and OuT of SiGhT.