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A powerful three minute video that reminds us of just who Christ was. It will also remind you that we, today, face the same decision Pilate faced almost two thousand years ago. The evidence is laid out before each of us, and we must now ask ourselves the same question that Pilate did. Was Christ just a man confused about the events of the day, or was Christ who He said He was?

A video well worth sharing!


That Jew Died for You


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Powerful indeed. But not half so powerful as the "Survivors Stories" that are part of that site. Please, please, PLEASE, if you go to this site, watch these testimonies. I wept with joy and worship of our Lord at every single one of them. Mike, thank you for giving me the opportunity to add a vial full of tears to God's collection in Heaven. How awesome is He!!!


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I couldn't watch the whole thing. Marveled at the coldness of the Germans. Wondered at how they could be instilled with so much hate for a fellow human beign. Amazing that hate.

But for the Grace of God go I. I won't forget that soon.

Is this part of "25 Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. Matt 27:25 (KJV)"?


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"Forgiving them was a monumental challenge for me, and no, it did not happen overnight. It was a process, but I am thankful for the healing that has taken place. When I visit Germany today, it is without that bitterness.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetfulness. I think it is important to remember and memorialize the Holocaust because too many people try to pretend it didn’t happen, or that it was not as bad as it was. We need to be confronted with what we can become when we ignore God.

The world should learn a lesson through the Holocaust: that it is imperative that we raise our voices for what is right. The world’s silence during the Holocaust killed my relatives. Likewise, I would be committing the same crime of silence if I did not mention that the only way to have healing from the traumas and hurts of the Holocaust is to have reconciliation with God that comes through Jesus. Without the Messiah, though it is almost impossible to imagine, the fate that awaits all of us at the end of our lives is much worse than the Holocaust. God forgive us if we keep that to ourselves." Jonathan Bernd

It is a terrible thing when we do not witness to the lost.
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