Possible timing of the OWG

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I believe that the OWG is a post the Restrainer being removed from operating as He has during this TIME. I think the OWG is THE evil plan of governing the earth without God and God has made an allowance for that to be so.

I've always believed that the final straw would be a global economic collapse that would allow for the stage of a seeming savior to capitalize and look as an angel of light, promising peace and security.

We saw some of that take place during the Lockdowns with stimulus checks where the masses didn't care that those checks were being used to sell themselves into deeper slavery/dependence because our national sovereignty is being $old into the coming OWG.

Its just a guess of mine but I believe once the church has been removed that the economic crash will swiftly follow creating global chaos. "Order out of Chaos" - NWO

I believe a man will give a speech in the midst of that chaos offering 7 Years of debt forgiveness (a Jubilee) and that will catch Israel's leaders ears to the point they will be so enamored that they will be deceived into believing He might be THEIR MESSIAH and the masses will drink up the security offered in the new plan offered in the NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM of you will own nothing but will be happy.

As it has been said over and over, IF you can see Christmas decorations going up, how much closer is Thanksgiving. Well IF we can see the Day of the Lord approaching, how much closer is The Blessed Hope?

The OWG isn't a God thing, its rebellion towards God allowed of God at a time He has given the planet up to its reprobate mind and "unless He shortens the days no flesh will survive."
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