Pope asks Italian cardinal to carry out Ukraine peace mission


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Pope asks Italian cardinal to carry out Ukraine peace mission
The cardinal was appointed to the consistory for helping to broker Mozambique's 1992 peace agreement.

Pope Francis has asked Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, head of the Italian bishops' conference, to carry out a peace mission to try to help end the war in Ukraine, the Vatican said on Saturday. Francis first spoke cryptically of his intention to launch a mission when he was returning from a trip to Hungary last month but gave no details. A Vatican diplomatic source said Zuppi would try to meet separately with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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That is guaranteed to inflame Putin and the Russian populace.

Catholics are the ENEMY as far as Russian Orthodox people are concerned, with good cause-- the Catholic West didn't help the Orthodox East when it fell to the Muslims in 1453. Those Orthodox believers fled NORTH to Russia.

Ever since the Popes started pushing Fatima- the nasty little message from that Fatima demonic impersonation of Mary that asked Catholics to "consecrate Russia to the sacred heart of Mary" yeah, the demon at Fatima said that-- Russians have been more than a little twitchy about the good intentions of the Popes and the Catholic church.

In spite of the Vatican handing back an icon that belonged to Russia (which Putin promptly flew over Crimea and Ukraine as a symbolic gesture to get the power of the icon in their favour retaking that territory) Putin and the leaders of the Russian Orthodox church don't trust Catholics.

Now Ukrainians on the other hand even ones that call themselves Ukrainian Orthodox, are closer to the Catholic church than the Orthodox church. Somewhat of a blend-- call it 2/3 Catholic and 1/3 Orthodox, which is viewed as total heresy by the Russian Orthodox church which has LONG since desired to wipe out the "heretical" Ukrainian Orthodox and FORCE the Ukrainians back into the arms of the Russian Orthodox church.

See a pattern here?

The government of Russia has the same aim only they don't really care about Orthodoxy, as much as taking back Russian territory. They've never let go of their claim on Ukraine. It used to be part of their ancient territory, and was a possession during the former USSR.

The aims of Russia and the Russian Orthodox church are one and the same.

All that the Vatican will do, and I suspect their globalist pope Francis is WELL AWARE OF THIS is to push Putin further over the edge to all out war.

Which is what I think the globalists want since they seem to be working towards that.

Of course Franny the Hippy Pope is pretty sure nobody in the West will understand his gesture as anything but "peace loving".

More like pouring gasoline on flames if you ask me.