Pompeo to 'Post': Biden appeasing Iran would be bad for US security


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Pompeo to 'Post': Biden appeasing Iran would be bad for US security
As a result of the “maximum pressure,” Pompeo said “it’s very clear that Iran is more isolated than it has ever been.”
JANUARY 13, 2021

Lifting sanctions on Iran while it continues to pursue its nuclear aspirations will endanger America and the world, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned in an interview for The Jerusalem Post-Khaleej Times conference this week. “If we appease Iran, if we underwrite Iran, if we allow Europeans to re-enter [Iran] and create wealth for the kleptocrats at the head of this theocracy, that would be a bad thing for the region’s security, for Europe’s security and for American security,” he said. Pompeo expressed hope that President-elect Joe Biden’s administration “will recognize that this is not 2015… The whole world can recognize that Iran is the destabilizing influence in the whole Middle East.”

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Just the fact that Pompeo thinks it's a bad idea will be the reason that Biden does it.

There will be nothing that the Biden administration admits the Trump administration did right.