Police summon Joint Arab List MKs for questioning over terror incitement


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Police summon Joint Arab List MKs for questioning over terror incitement
Three Joint Arab List MKs summoned for questioning under warning amid suspicion of incitement to terrorism.
Israel National News

Three lawmakers from the Joint Arab List were called in for questioning, after police received footage of the three making inflammatory anti-Israeli statements. On Wednesday, the watchdog group Im Tirtzu accused MK Ayman Odeh of incitement to terrorism, and released footage of the Knesset Member condemning Israeli Arab soldiers in the IDF. Today, police summoned Mk Ayman Odeh for questioning under warning, along with fellow Joint Arab List MKs Ofer Cassif and Ahmed Tibi.

“A few weeks ago, I stood in Damascus Gate, and I said that unfortunately here in Jerusalem not even one percent of our population (Arabic) serve the occupation," Odeh said recently, according to video footage released by Im Tirtzu. "I requested from them (Arabic soldiers) to throw their guns in the face of the occupation. I want to repeat my message a little bit more forcefully, those who attacked the casket of Shireen Abu Akleh are the occupation. Those who protected Ben Gvir (Knesset Member) that came to our holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, they are part of the occupation. It is a shame, a shame that any person who has even the smallest conscience will dare to serve the criminal occupation army.”

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