Poland: While we Wish to Remain in the EU, we Must Remain a Sovereign State

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WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Poland’s most powerful politician says the country’s future is in the European Union and that there will be “no Polexit,” but that Poland at the same time wishes to remain a sovereign country.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who is the head of the ruling conservative Law and Justice party, made his comments in an interview with state news agency PAP that was published Wednesday.

It follows some harsh comments last week about the 27-member bloc from some key members of his party which led many opposition politicians to accuse the country’s leadership of seeking to take the country out of the EU.
Ryszard Terlecki, the party’s deputy leader, said that if things don’t go the way Poland likes, “we will have to search for drastic solutions.”

“The British showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy did not suit them and turned around and left,” he said.

Marek Suski, another leading party member, said that Poland “will fight the Brussels occupier” just as it fought the Nazi and Soviet occupiers in the past.

Suski added: “Brussels sends us overlords who are supposed to bring Poland to order, to put us on our knees, so that we might be a German state, and not a proud state of free Poles.”

Poland accuses the EU of infringing on its sovereignty by opposing changes to the country´s judicial system introduced by the government, which is led by Law and Justice.
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Poland will not remain a sovereign state... it's just a matter of time and that time is probably getting near.
I fear you are right.
The world grows darker by the day. I like plucky little Poland. They know the difference between freedom and slavery. They embody so many ideals that the US used to espouse. I liked to imagine there was one place I could flee to if things got very bad...Poland.