PM: Netanyahu threatened to sic his ‘army’ on me for forming government without him


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PM: Netanyahu threatened to sic his ‘army’ on me for forming government without him
In series of interviews, Bennett accuses his predecessor of ‘spreading chaos, hysteria and a lack of faith’ in ruling coalition, claims Israel doing best in the world on COVID
By TOI staff

In a series of media interviews released on Thursday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett lambasted opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, touted his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and credited himself with saving the nation from “falling into the abyss.” Speaking with the Haaretz daily, Bennett recalled a meeting he held with Netanyahu last May, a month before the current coalition took office, saying the longtime prime minister began issuing wild threats against him once it became clear that Bennett would be joining his rivals in forming a government, pushing the longtime premier from power.

“You should know that I’ll send my whole machinery against you, the army,” Bennett quoted Netanyahu as telling him, adding that the Likud leader made a dive bomber motion with his arm. “I’ll send the UAVs after you, and we’ll see.” The Haaretz interviewer then asked Bennett, “I assume [Netanyahu] didn’t mean the IDF or the air force?”

“No. He was talking about his army of bots, the [social media] groups, his people on the radio, TV and online,” Bennett reportedly responded. (Bennett’s interpretation of what Netanyahu meant by the threat was not included in interview excerpts published by Haaretz on Thursday, but was included in a Channel 13 report quoting the interview. The full Haaretz interview is set to appear on Friday.)