Please report questionable content


Staff member
While we only have two moderators at RF it is important that people report threads when they see questionable content. We need help from the community to report questionable things that we might not otherwise see. All reports are help in confidentiality with the mod team. We don't disclose outside the mod team who reported this or that post. So, don't worry about being "outted" as the person who reports something.

This is important because the two moderators on the forums can't see everything on the forums. It is better to report something that you think is questionable, rather than ignoring it and it sitting on the forums for days or even weeks before we stumble across it and remove it.

If the content in question violates the forum rules, please report it and if possible mention which rule you think it violates. At least report it and we will look at it. This doesn't mean that we will always remove what you report. Sometimes we will watch and see how a post is reacted to after being reported. Sometimes we will watch a poster for a while to see what they do next.

I have noticed that we have not been seeing somethings on the forums and we need your help to make this forums environment as pleasant as possible for everyone within the rules.

Thank you. :)