Please Pray for Rapture Forums


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For some Good News...

The Rapture Forums ministry will enter its 18 year of ministry this year. We started in 2006 and here we are in 2024. :yay

I am very happy to report that the number of visitors to Rapture Forums has increased over the past couple of months.

I was able to fix a search engine problem and a couple of other technical issues that had been preventing us from reaching the numbers of visitors we had in the past. Some of these issues were unknown to me and I happened to stumble upon the issues. Since resolving the issues we have regained our previous visitor counts from years ago.

How some of the technical issues happened is unknown. But praise to the Lord he revealed them to me and they were corrected.

I am delighted to report that according to CloudFlare analytics the Rapture Forums ministry is reaching around 20,000 UNIQUE VISITORS A DAY! Not only that, CloudFlare reports we are reaching people in over 140+ countries in the WORLD!!!

Some days a little less, some days a little more.

While the visitors to the forums is a small fraction of the overall visitors to the RF site (main site and forums), I have noticed an increased number of visitors on the forums as well.

For some BAD NEWS...

Sadly, we have had spiritual attacks on the forums over the past year or two. The workers of Satan have tried to divide the members and practice deception on the RF site by trying to lead people away from the Rapture Forums ministry.

As a result, some of these people have had their accounts closed, accounts banned, and some removed from the forums. Some where popular members of the forums, but that does not matter. They do not get a free ride to do whatever they want. Some pretended to be one way on the forums, but were found to really be something else.

So....the REQUEST

While our enemies intended to harm us by trying to divide us and carrying out deceptive acts against the RF ministry, God provided more than 3 fold the number of new visitors to replace the ones we lost. The evildoers deeds will not win over us and they will be in vain.

Please pray without ceasing for the Rapture Forums ministry as we continue to do the work the Lord has called us to do here in the end times.

Please pray for me as standing firm in the faith and without apology is never easy to do. Standing firm in sound, conservative, and fundamental teachings goes against the grain of popular teachers and their followers who are blown by the winds of fad teachings.

No one ever said it would be easy. No one ever said it would come without pain and suffering from the fiery darts of the evil one and his minions. The emotional and physical toll can be hard to handle at times. The hits from "friendly fire" (those within the church who think their spiritual gift is criticism) is hurtful and devastating.

Regardless, we are determined to be one of the lights in the darkness while we are move forward in end times.

While there is still time before the Rapture, we will continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world and proclaim the truths of God's Word!

God bless you all!


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Other GOOD NEWS...

I would also like to ask that people pray for the new sites that I have developed in the last several months. These new websites are an attempt to reach out even more to the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The new websites that I have developed are:

Eternal Life Ministries - Eternal Life

John 3:16 Ministries - John 3:16

iJesusChrist Ministries - iJesusChrist

Please check them out and tell your friends about them so they can share them with people that are searching for the truth of God's Word.

In addition to these new websites, we have many domains pointing to specific pages on Rapture Forums in order to reach certain segments of society and the world with the truth of God's Word.

We are very serious about the work the Lord has called us to do with Rapture Forums. It has been important from the very founding of the ministry.

Folks. Please. Stop and realize the awful reality that people all over the world are dying everyday and going to Hell. This is a very sad reality for many people who have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It doesn't matter what you ate last night. It doesn't matter how many cheeseburgers you ate today.

It doesn't matter how many miles you ran yesterday. It doesn't matter what your favorite Bible prophecy teacher says about a new rapture date or new fad topic.

It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive. Or how big your house is.

What matters is what you have done to carry out the Great Commission. Did you take the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ to every living thing in the world?

Did you take your "talent" and produce more for the Lord? Or did you sit on it or bury it so that you have nothing to show for what the Lord gave you?

Did you focus on being "entertained" "gossiping" or "self-promoting" rather than being about the work of the Lord?

Folks. There is no time to "play" with the converging signs that tell us that time is short for this sin infested world.

Did you spend day after day with the cares of the world rather than the tasks the Lord has given us? Did you spend all your time "preaching to the choir" rather than making a difference in reaching the lost?

At Rapture Forums, carrying out the Great Commission and calling people to salvation in Jesus Christ is important to us. Nothing else matters.

The Rapture Forums ministry will continue to proclaim the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please pray for us as we continue to find ways to reach the lost and serve the Lord Jesus Christ while there is still time left before the Rapture!

Please pray for us as we expand the ministry and defend the faith in a hostile world.

Your encouragement and prayers are important to us.

God bless you!