Please Answer Some Questions For Me.


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I am not as good at articulating as some..I know what I know..but not good at proving what I know..where facts are learned don't stick in my memory..I also very seldom argue unless I have proof in my hand even when I know I'm right..

I have been asked some questions that I need help answering..I wondered if I could get some help from folks smarter and with better memories than I have....

These are the questions I was asked..

Did trump get you these promises?

1. New infrastructure: My answer would be, he never got a chance to go that route because the Democrats fought him every inch of the question: What is a better answer?

2. New healthcare: I don't think he ever promised us that..

3. Money from Mexico to build a wall: my answer: He got that through raised terraffs..I never thought he meant it literally..I figured he meant through trade..My I right or is there a better answer?

4. Did he win or lose a trade war with China: My answer..he won it..if I'm right..what news article do I use to prove it?

5. When the attack on the capital happened and people were being killed Did he try to stop it:
My answer..he tried to stop it before it happened by asking Polosi if she wanted protection for that day and she turned him question: What's a better answer?

6. Was or was not trump caught with top secret classified documents that he should not have and refused to give back: My answer: He has a constitutional right to those documents. I need a better answer, something that can't be twisted and turned into a copout answer..

Finally..this person is saturated in fake news..I need references from places this person won't be able to argue with..if anyone can help me..I will appreciate it immensely..thank you much guys!!!....

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I can only say, Look at what he did accomplish, minority employment was so high in 2020, Black, Brown (Latino’s), women. He raised the Dow and other exchanges, which is good for all. He made Americans safer and wealthier.

I just got up from a nap or I would elaborate further, but my mind is too cloudy at the moment. :)