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This morning, while I went out to run errands, I prayed to be light and salt to those I meet (something I often pray). I do this to plant seeds for the Lord, but today I felt somewhat disappointed in the end. Even using this way to try to spread the Gospel, I haven't had such a down experience as I felt today.

I went to pick up some more mulch from a big box store and waited for someone to help me load it. The younger man had a mask on and just looked like he was really hating his day. Looking at his name tag, I said, “Hi Allen, how are you doing today?” His reply, “Eh, I've been better..” I tried chit chat and I got a little more response from him and before I left, I said, “Be blessed Alan.” I got nothing.....

Unmoved from my attempt to plant more seeds, I went on to Wall-E-World, and people seem to be so down and depressed! Especially those who work there. I got lucky and found a cashier who was in a wheel chair, working a check out....same down in the dumps vibes. As soon as I started talking to her, she perked up a little, but my “be blessed!” reply was met with a deer in the headlights look. I think I heard crickets.☹️

I will keep trying to plant seeds when I go out and about, put people just seem to have a very down outlook, as opposed to even a few months ago. It is draining and when I got home, I was tired.

Anyone else notice that people seem to be more down than usual?

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You know Bethlehem57, we are living in more sobering and difficult times and you're right, people are feeling this. :sad

We can plant seeds like you are trying to do but it's God that will water them.....sometimes much later and when God brings past words up again in the mind of one He's working with. Our job is to be faithful to the work God has set before us and not to let these things discourage us but be encouraged that we have the opportunities to make an impact as the Lord leads. And perhaps you picking up on those vibes is a call to pray for them....that might be the best thing for them. Additionally, your initial interactions may pave the way to a Gospel sharing conversation later. :)

I'll be praying that the Lord sprinkle some encouraging interactions for you as well. :pray