Pizza Dough Recipe


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I like to make my own pizza dough. My ingredients are simple. King Arthur bread flour, yeast, salt, sugar (to aid with browning) and water. I do a cold ferment. I mix up the dough, ball it up, and then put it in the fridge for several days before using.

I got my recipe from They have a dough calculator where you can enter the ingredients you want and the number of dough balls you want and it will give you the proper percentage for each ingredient. Lots of good pizza making info on there as well.

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The dough sure looked good. While spending all that time perfecting his dough, I have to wonder why he didn't work on creating an excellent marinara sauce as well. Not too many people have an oven that can heat to 850 deg... I'm sure that makes a huge difference in the quality of the pizza crust.