Pixel Tracking - a General Guide


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What Is Pixel Tracking?

Before you can understand what it means to track a pixel, we must first define what is a pixel. What is a pixel? Simply put, a pixel is a 1×1 graphic that is hidden within web pages and emails. The pixel loads when a user opens an email or goes to a web page.

Because these pixels are typically transparent or colored to blend well with their background, people don’t usually notice them — and that’s part of the point. Pixels are not designed to be seen; instead, they are intentionally embedded and camouflaged and later used for digital marketing purposes.

Pixel tracking is simply the act of using pixels to collect user data such as their behavior and activities

What sort of data can a tracking pixel help you obtain anyway?

The type of device the user used (desktop or mobile)
The type of operating system the user used, including mobile OS
Activities performed during the session
Screen resolution of clients
The client the user used (browser, mail program, etc.)
IP address
What time the user opened the email or visited the website

How to stop image tracking

One of the most straightforward ways to prevent email tracking software from working is to block images from displaying by default. This is a setting you can enable in just about every email service., though you should note that it means loading images in your email will require an extra click. If someone sends you a photo do not open it via the email client download it to your hard drive first then open it with a photo viewer/editor.

In Gmail, click on the settings gear to open up your email preferences. From the "general" tab, scroll down to images and check the box that says "Ask before displaying external images." Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "save changes."

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Until this thread I'd never heard of a tracking pixel. Interesting. Now I know how to code them and use them, knowledge I'll never need but that is within an area of one of my interests.